Friday, December 12, 2014

You Call That a Job Fair?

I really had expected to visit a job fair organised by UNM FE AKSI and Media Kreasi Production today, but when I have been walking around among the stands, well I felt very disappointed. My friend, who came from Bone to only visit the job fair also felt the same as I did. There were only a few companies, that opening vacancies yet the charged Rp. 25.000 for one person. Oh almost forgotten, a room intended for interview session were freaking useless.

The most crowded stands were Bank BJB, Astra, and an outsourcing company. I only submitted my job applications to Bank BJB, Samsung Electronics, and that outsourcing company. There was also a stand owned by PT. Finansia Multi Finance (Kredit Plus), looking for candidates for positions of Management Trainee (Head). I was about to submit my job application to Frisian Flag for Management Trainee, but when I looked at how applicants register themselves, it was through Frisian Flag website. Then, I thought I would just come home opening their website and then registering for myself.

My First Psychological Assessment to Get a Job

When I was a student at senior high school, I joined a Psychological Assessment as part of the school program to become an “international” high school. I remember I was one of several students from Science Dept. who were considered capable enough to represent on behalf of all student at the school. Therefore, we were appointed by our headmaster to join the Psychological Assessment.

Because Psychological Assessment functions to measure our intelligence and emotional state, it is also needed to determine whether jobseekers are perfect for certain positions or not after all. Just say employer is looking for a candidate, who possess high IQ, straight A’s fresh graduate, and behave well-manners, it all will be known from the Psychological Assessment.

I previously posted about my first job interview in Astra International UD Trucks for Part Sales position, I just finished its Psychological Assessment in Intelektualita yesterday. Intelektualitas is a recruitment consultant appointed by Astra Group to conduct the assessment located in Jl. RSI Faisal IV, Makassar.

The Psychological Assessment was started at 8 o’clock and joined by other jobseekers from different companies, which were Hadji Kalla, Mayora, Panin and as well Astra. The assessment consisted of Persoanl Description, Antonym – Synonym, Kostick PAPI, Basic Math, Army Alpha Intelligence Test, Drawing (Wartegg, Draw a Tree, and Draw a Person), and ended with the most tiring one, Pauli Test. Fortunately, I passed it all as you can see my name in the announcement below.


Monday, December 1, 2014

My First Job Interview in Astra International

Upon a lot of job applications sent to employers to serve this country (no, not into army) after I had received my bachelor certificate, finally I have accomplished my first job interview today. I applied the position of Part Sales in Astra UD. Trucks, a company owned by PT. Astra International, Tbk that sells trucks and buses manufactured by UD. Trucks (formerly Nissan Diesel). In case you don’t know, Astra International is one of the most respected and largest conglomerate company in Indonesia. It’s a pride if I can be part of this company. Ok, read on.

Actually today, I also had psychology test schedule in PT. Finansia Multi Finance (Kredit Plus) in Rappocini to apply for Management Trainee. However, I prefer going to  Astra to Finansia Multi Finance. Why? At the bottom of my heart, I asked myself, “Do you want to eat Riba from company that gives credit to people and requires interest in return?” Although, I am not a pious Muslim, I completely realize that Riba is Haraam, I therefore should not apply for it.

I was disposed to be interviewed in Garda Oto in Jl. Sam Ratulangi No. 92 Makassar. I was very late, because I arrived at the location at 9 o’clock. I saw two candidates: one wore a tie and another one just looked average-job-seeker. I was surprised, I was very late and why only two there? Is it because the vacant in the area of marketing? Yaah, you know – people in Indonesia rarely bat an eye to marketing division. They look down at it, they think the marketing people has lowest caste in company.

Three of us given a registration form that must be filled. I still recall, the form consist of very personal details questions, such as your birth place and date, address, religion, education history, work experience, until writing about our hope, ambition, weakness and strength, and what you want to achieve in the future. Furthermore, I was asked what was written in my resume. Oh yeah, I forgot. The interviewer was branch head of Astra International in Makassar. I am sorry, can’t tell you who he is. I respect his privacy. I really him because, besides interviewing me, he also has given me amazing advice about work especially for me, the fresh graduate from the oven.

There were a little chit-chats. As I recall, he came from Palangkaraya. He told me that he started her career as a sales who sold cigarettes. This proves that marketing people usually be placed in higher in company.

After the job interview finished, he told me that there would be three session of tests. First one I have accomplished, which was the interview from him. Second, psychology test and the last one is medical check-up. I would be called to join the psychology test if I passed the interview test.

Falling in Love (Again) With Ayumi Hamasaki

Ah, I always forgot to post something about Ayumi Hamasaki – she is the one and only my favorite female Japanese singer. Yeah, who doesn’t fall in love with her? She is so blessed and gifted with amazing talent and beautiful face until no one can top her position as the pop queen in Japan now. But err.. I just sometimes don’t like her ornamentation when she concerts, that’s is just pleonastic (in my opinion yah).

I’ve been falling in love with Ayumi Hamasaki so many times every time I saw her photo or listened to her singing on iTunes. Besides, I like watching her concerts in the videos from Youtube I downloaded. The way she sings, is so emotional and mesmerizing thousands of the audiences. Maybe the songs she sings mean a lot to her. When she sings, she can combine sounds of children (cute) and adult people. Voice control, I just wow… I heard before she become a successful singer, she was sent to America to sign up for a vocal course. No wonder, she is outstanding.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Haven’t Yet Received Call for Job Interview

I already sent a number of job applications to employers, since I had received my bachelor certificate. The bad news is, I haven’t yet received any call for a job interview. I just…. I just can’t stand with this boredom of doing nothing at home. I need to do something, which is working to make money.

In the mean time, I actually also get interested to continue my education to higher level, which is magister through scholarship that I can’t afford it. I want to have a magister degree especially in arts or management. However, I don’t want to waste my time to study although I dreamed to have higher education level. What really matters now, I want to work and work to make my dreams come true.

Remember I posted I’d like to work at mining sector in Australia back then because it paid well? Ah, forget it! Apparently, I am not ready for that. Working at mine requires high precision and is extremely risky. Besides, I don’t have mining background neither education and experience. I am finding education-related jobs as a graduate of English Department that studies English Language & Culture. So, what are they? I’d like to mention hospitality and tourism. Yeah, both of them seem suit me at most. Speaking of which, I am most eager to work in hospitality sector. Yeah, just say being hotelier. Hotelier is a good occupation. It enables you to meet people from various background. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Imagine you chit-chat with foreigners with their native language.

I am fully aware that I just get started to work. I am still in hunting phase. Huh! I don’t know what my life will be in the future. I submit myself to my God Allah. I believe in Him. I plan, He decides. I have to work really really hard to have a better living.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Finally, I Have Received My Bachelor Certificate

Woohooo! I just can’t contain this excitement. I have received my bachelor certificate and I am ready to find a good job to secure my future. After over 5 years of study, I just can’t imagine I finally get this. I have toiled to walk to university over two years, lived at really bad dorm room, had no money are some things that I can’t forget that make me emotional to look at the certificate sometime.

When I graduated 5 months ago, my friend said to me, “Welcome to the jungle!” basically that means I am facing uncertain future. I must struggle by my own and I don’t want to be a poor man.

An Undergraduate Thesis: A Behavioral Analysis of Characters in Shaw’s Mrs. Warren’s Profession


I provide my undergraduate thesis to download for free in case you need to use it as your reference. Please note, by downloading it you agree to put the source of this undergraduate thesis for your writing, which is addressed to me as the writer. I toiled, worked really hard, and cashed out a lot of money to get this thesis finished. Plagiarism is a sin in our academic sphere and against copyright law. Please respect! [Download here]


Arwin. 2014. A Behavioral Analysis of Characters in Shaw’s Mrs. Warren’s Profession. (Supervised by H. A. Lukmanulhakim Jaya and Agustinus Ruruk Lilak).

This thesis is aimed at analysis to reveal the characteristics of the characters in the play Mrs. Warren’s Profession written by George Bernard Shaw in 1893. The analysis is focused on the behaviors of the characters and their relationship with the others. This fiction discusses about a woman, who worked as a prostitute in Victorian England as impact of capitalism. The drama presents two major characters, who are Mrs. Warren, the mother and her daughter, Vivie Warren, and four minor characters, who are Mr. Praed, Sir George Crofts, Frank Gardner, and The Reverend Samuel Gardner.

This research uses structuralism approach that focuses on the intrinsic elements in the literature works like characters, plot, setting and theme. Furthermore, the writer also uses qualitative method in reporting the analysis, because the data taken from the object of the analysis is in the form of words, sentences, and utterances not numbers. Considering that structuralism approach does not need secondary data to analyze the aspect of character in literary works, the writer does not take other data unless the drama itself as the main source.

As result of the analysis, the writer concludes that although all characters in the drama are just fictional, it reflects that every human being has different behaviors to achieve their dream by their own. This is obviously found on every characters in the play. Mrs. Warren, who is a mother to Vivie forces her to be an obedient and respectable woman by providing financial support. However, Vivie refuses it because she thinks that she is highly well-educated, agile, mature, and already self-sufficient. Meanwhile, Frank Gardner is attracted to marry Vivie only for her intelligence and wealth that will be inherited from her mother. Mr. Praed appears as an old friend of Mrs. Warren, and is disposed to befriend with Vivie. Sir George Crofts is also attracted to marry regardless of his older age. However, Vivie refuses it, but he is still insisting that she would become a wealthy young widow due to his advanced age. Reverend Samuel Gardner, who is Frank’s father in the play works as a local clergyman. However, he is depicted as a hypocritical person because he had ever purchased the service of Mrs. Warren in prostitution. All characters in the play bring positive behaviors and convey positive values, but occasionally they also display negative traits and attitudes such as being selfish, arrogant, and temperamental to get their purposes.

Monday, November 17, 2014

I am Obsessed to Live Longer

Back then when I was a high schooler, I imagined to have an eternal life so I would be able to do a lot of things in the future. Of course, I knew it’s quite impossible. Eternity only belongs to Allah SWT, but longevity is possible. I expect I would be still around for over 90 years. I was born in 1990 anyway, as I write this post I am 24.

To achieve that goal is kinda hard. Why? Longevity must be supported by healthy life and healthy mind, but I can’t afford them right now. You know, it’s very expensive to live healthy totally. I can’t afford organic foods, sign up for a gym, visit a doctor for medical check-up, and whatso’er.

However, I have tried small steps. I studied Japanese people’s usuality like how their diet is, what they do to work, workout, and so forth so on. If you want to live longer, you should try to study Japanese people usuality too because they have life expectancy more than 70 years. Remember oldest person record in the world owned by a Japanese woman and she is 116!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Still No Idea Where Should I Work

Told you I have graduated on June this year and unfortunately I haven’t yet received my bachelor certificate. It’s getting worse as I am thinking of where I should I work to secure my future.

Politik Dalam Sastra

Politik dalam sastra merupakan bagian dari unsur ekstrinsik sebuah karya sastra baik berupa tema atau pun setting. Tidaklah susah untuk mencari karya sastra yang memuat unsur-unsur politik karena biasanya karya sastra muncul sebagai media untuk mengkritisi pemerintah.

Karya sastra semacam ini misalnya Animal Farm yang mengkritisi kapitalisme dan diktatorisme di Rusia, 1948, Killing Hummingbird, dan sebagainya. Sedangkan di dalam negeri sebut saja lagu-lagu Iwan Fals dan puisi-puisi Kharil Anwar.