Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Anime Review: Ore Monogatari

Due to a bad health condition, I've spent a lot of time in my house at my home village in Kabupaten Bone. Unfortunately, at this current moment I couldn't do some things productive or invest my times to learn Android App Development, blogging for money, and developing my fiction writing skill again but trapping myself in the conform zone watching anime. I promise to begin it soon.

Ore Monogatari via Wikia

Speaking of anime, it's animated movie originated from a coolest country and most dreamed country to visit on earth. Japan Animation Industry has over 90% portion of cake in animation marketshare in the world. Maybe just like you, watching anime is another personal interest despite of my age that I consider not young anymore. I am 25 years old and I think ages don't define people to do what they love to do. I stil remembered one of my favorite childhood anime, called Dragon Ball that is still aired in televesion. Luckily, it's produced again with newest story, Dragon Ball Super, framed with high quality graphic.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Review: Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox made and developed by Google. These browsers are very famous in the world for desktop and laptop users. However, over 6 years, it's really annoying. The review I am about to write here is completely subjective as it only happens to my laptop.

The only browsers I tried, but Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are Apple Safari and Internet Explorer. However, in term of speed, Google Chrome and Mozilla top them all. I prefer using Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox, because the design is very simple and fast enough to load a webpage. It comes with flaw in my laptop Acer Aspire E1-421 AMD 2 GB RAM. The flaw is an error that always show about:untitled and unresponsive page that should be killed. That.... so annoying and makes my blood boiled. I have no idea how to fix. I guess it is because Google Chrome takes a lot of resources. There is another story with Mozilla Firefox. Nah, it's the king of "not responding" of all browsers that I already installed. Sometimes, unresponsive script always pop up.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Why I Don't Really Like to Listen Indonesian Songs

Indonesian songs are rocketing up in some countries especially in Malaysia that their language is not really different with Indonesia. Time by time, there are always new Indonesian music covers in Youtube, covered by white people. Indonesia musics sounds easy-listen, very simple and catchy, but the quality is far far compared to Japanese music, if I may compare to.

However, as Indonesian, there are just a few song that I like. Most of them are just old-school songs sang by Indonesian legendary singers, say Chrisye, Sheila on 7, Bob Tutupoli, and Tommy J Pisa. I don't really Indonesian songs these days because the lyrics sounds very very maudlin and mushy. I don't feel disturbed if the singer is woman, but ... it's man! Well, now I think you understand what I mean.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

My Severe Disease: It's Just About Time

I have no idea how I got infected by a severe disease that would kill me, but guessing the germs already occupied my blood when I was a child. Unfortunately, I just knew it when it was April 1st, 2015 when I went to PUSKESMAS to meet a doctor regarding weird bumps in my toes. He said something that confused me because he said it very unclear with medical terms that I didn't understand at all. Seemed, he didn't want to explain it to me but to his med co-workers. His co-workers looked sad or may shocked as they heard of the doctor explanation and so I have. The day was my birthday. What a present!

I phoned my mother and I cried that I was extremely afraid of my condition. I decided to go home village that day. Actually, I already guessed what my disease might be. I had to check my blood thought. After a week, I headed to a hospital specialised on patients with that disease I guessed. They checked my blood. The result shocked me. I was positive. It's like I just wanted die that day.

Now, I am still in the treatment. I still feel the pain in my body. I am fighting this disease although it seems that it would be hard to recover. I always try to be positive minded to strengthen my immune system. I am sick physically and mentally. If my treatment is over, this disease would come again as I read in some literature in internet.

I am thinking of my jobless condition and this disease very hard. I only rely on my small online business that I run everyday. However, it only works as I have internet connection.

Monday, August 24, 2015

My Favorite Character in One Piece

One Piece is one of the oldest Anime around. I already watched it when I was a student junior high school, but I was not interested to continue watch it because their characters are very odds and strange-looked. Then, when I was a student at university, I have many friends that love that Anime.

So, I tried to copy their collection into my HD and started watching it. I just wow'ed it. This is very good Anime that I should watch it on and on, despite their strange characters look. Some things I like about this Anime that it teaches us to never give up to reach our dream even it's as high as the sky. Besides, this shows epic fight among characters. It's awesome, yes! However, as others Animes, I don't really like when almost one entire episode is full of flashback. That's annoying! When it happens, I just skip it and jump into new scene.

My favorite character in One Piece is actually one of Luffy's toughest enemy. He is Admiral Kizaru that possesses light power. He has eaten Devil Fruit Logia-type called Pika Pika no Mi that allows anything get through him.

Admiral Kizaru

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Review: Gabung di Helion Research Sebagai Mystery Shopper Dapatkan Penghasilan Tambahan

Mystery Shopper merupakan profesi part-time baru di Indonesia. Mystery Shopper adalah seseorang yang menyamar sebagai pembeli guna mengetahui kualitas pelayanan pada suatu perusahaan, toko, outlet, dealer, atau merchant tertentu. Setiap orang yang ditunjuk sebagai Mystery Shopper oleh penyedia jasa Mystery Shopping biasanya dibayar  sekitar €10 sampai  €200 tergantung dari kesulitan skenario yang diberikan. Ketika menyamar sebagai pembeli, mereka akan diberikan uang oleh perusahaan yang menunjuknya. Jadi barang yang dibeli semuanya GRATIS! 

Pengalaman sebagai Mystery Shopper tidak hanya menyenangkan namun juga memberikan wawasan tentang tata cara pelayanan konsumen yang baik yang didapat dari interaksi dengan staff toko ketika menyamar sebagai pembeli.

Salah satu penyedia jasa Mystery Shopper terbaik di Indonesia yaitu Helion Research yang berbasis di Copenhagen, Denmark. Untuk begabung sebagai Mystery Shopper di Helion Research tidaklah sulit. Anda hanya dituntut bisa berbahasa Inggris minimal pasif pun saat melaksanakan misi nanti berbahasa lokal (Bahasa Indonesia) dikarenakan ketika submit laporan harus menggunakan Bahasa Inggris. Silahkan bergabung dengan Helion Research dengan mengunjungi situsnya di sini atau klik banner di bawah.


Setelah selesai mendaftar, Anda harus menyelesaikan trainingnya sampai lulus. Jika tidak Anda tidak akan diberikan tugas sama sekali. Selain sebagai Mystery Shopper, Anda juga bisa mendapatkan misi sebagai Auditor tentunya dengan penghasilan lebih besar dari Mystery Shopper.

Cara Kerja
Setelah Anda lulus training sebagai Mystery Shopper dan Auditor di Helion Research, kini saatnya Anda mencari tugas di halaman My Available Evaluations. Pilih toko yang tidak terlalu jauh dari rumah serta mudah dijangkau dengan kendaraan umum atau pribadi. Setelah itu tentukan kapan waktu yang pas melakukan Mystery Shopping. Sebaiknya pilih waktu yang tidak mengganggu aktivitas utama Anda seperti waktu weekend atau di waktu luang.

Setelah memilih tugas, baca baik-baik atau kalau perlu hafalkan skenario yang diberikan. Perhatikan setiap detail pertanyaan di skenarionya. Ketika sudah hari H persiapkan segala sesuatunya seperti ponsel yang memiliki fitur kamera untuk mengambil foto (wajib), audio recorder, pelpen, dan kertas. Kalau tidak mau repot, catat saja di ponsel segala sesuatunya.

Kenapa Harus Gabung di Helion Research?
Helion Research merupakan penyedia Mystery Shopping di Indonesia dengan bayaran yang paling tinggi di antara perusahaan lain karena klien-kliennya perusahaan multi nasional besar. Bayaran yang didapat dalam bentuk mata uang Euro dan jika dikonversikan ke Rupiah tentunya jauh lebih tinggi dari pada Dollar Amerika. 

Tugas banyak sekali tersedia khususnya di kota-kota besar. Menurut Community Manager Helion Research Indonesia akan ada proyek besar untuk Indonesia bulan September nanti. Tunggu apalagi! Ayo daftar!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Download INSIDE for PC For Free

PlayDead's INSIDE

I am very excited that INSIDE, a newly horror adventure-themed game developed by LIMBO creators finally available for PC to download. Just like LIMBO, PlayDead is taking a figure of child to take his adventure in the dark with a lot of challenges. We can say it is LIMBO 2 with better graphic because it looks more realistic.

Minimum PC Requirement:

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Download Holdem Indicator Poker Calculator + Crack

Playing Texas Holdem Poker has been a hobby for me to make money besides my job in the real life. There is a most powerful poker software that I always count on, which is Holdem Indicator Poker Calculator to help me decide what action should I take based on the odds calculation and EV (Expected Value). Furthermore, it is armed with HUDs to identify all players profiles in the same table. This software is really highly recommended for beginners.

Unfortunately, the software is not free after all. It only allows you to use it in Play Money games, you cannot use it for Real Money games. If you can afford it, you may visit their official website and purchase it for $99.5 or join their discount programs that require you to sign up in certain poker rooms.

Neither you can purchase it or join their discount program, don't worry you can download Holdem Indicator Poker Calculator Crack that has been reverse engineered.

Please note, that the software is always connected to the developer server, so you have to follow step by step below.

1. Download the software.
2. Turn off your internet connection to avoid detection from developer server.
2. Install the software as usual.
3. Copy and paste HoldemIndicator.exe in the installation folder in C:\System
4. Run the Patch.
5. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

How I Simply Explain Islam

What slightly appears in your mind when you hear of Islam? I believe it must be terrorist. Apparently, it is because everything you hear about Islam come from media only. Okay, it’s not your fault because we tend to accept everything from what the media say, but let me get it straight and please don’t be such an ignorant. Be a wise person, well educated, and open-minded before making a conclusion.

First of all, Islam doesn’t teach us to terror innocent people particularly because they are not Muslim. However, why is Islam always referred to terrorism? Hmm.. This bugs me sometimes. This is just my opinion, in every religion there is always fanatic people and Islam does have fanatic people, who do not have “brain” properly functioned, so they are brainwashed as weapons to achieve certain purposes of certain groups that name themselves as Muslim. Sometimes, it's political. Those weapons always easily accept what the long beard say, without finding out the truth. They don’t know at all, that they are actually used and played. Their eyes become blind when the long beard say, they will enter heaven without visa and through custom check if they install bomb in their body and blow it in crowd.

10 Obat Tradisional Paling Ampuh Mengobati Scabies

Menyamar jadi pembeli tapi dibayar? Cuma ada di Helion Research. Gabung Gratis! Ayo daftar di sini!

Artikel ini adalah lanjutan dari 18 Langkah Mengobati Scabies
Mengobati scabies atau yang biasa disebut kudis alias gudik dengan cara tradisional sangat disarankan berbarengan dengan pengobatan kimia seperti Scabimite (Permethryn 5%), Anti-Histamin (CTM), dan Bubuk PK agar proses penyembuhan menjadi lebih cepat dan aman. Alam sudah menyediakan obatnya, jadi teman-teman tidak perlu khawatir mendapatkan obatnya dimana. Selain murah ada banyak pilihan obat yang teman-teman bisa pilih atau kombinasikan karena sama sekali tanpa efek samping kecuali jika dilakukan secara berlebihan.

1. Campuran Kunyit dan Minyak Zaitun
Sedari dulu kunyit terkenal sebagai obat tradisional yang sangat ampuh melawan berbagai penyakit kulit seperti kudis, panu, pembengkakan, pelepuhan, bekas luka bakar, dan bahkan anti penuaan dikarenakan kandungan zat anti bakterinya. Khususnya dalam pengobatan scabies, campurkan minyak zaitun dengan bubuk kunyit secukupnya dan oleskan pada kulit yang terjangkit scabies. Jika tidak ada minyak zaitun bisa diganti dengan minyak kelapa. Saya pribadi lebih menyarankan menggunakan kunyit mentahnya saja terus ditumbuk lalu dicampur dengan minyak zaitun/kelapa. Tapi karena bubuk kunyit lebih praktis jadi tidak ada masalah.
Sayangnya karena kunyit bisa menyebabkan kulit menjadi kuning sebaiknya dicampur dengan tepung beras dengan perbandingan 3:1 atau secukupnya saja.

2. Lendir Lidah Buaya
Saya pernah mencoba lendir buaya mengobati scabies. Hasilnya sangat bagus terutama ketika kulit menjadi kering karena efek samping Scabimite. Kulit menjadi lembab dan segar kembali. Selain itu, membantu pemulihan kulit yang berubah menjadi hitam akibat bekas scabies. Di luar sana sudah ada penelitian yang membandingkan hasil pengobatan lidah buaya dan pengobatan kimia terhadap scabies. Hasilnya sama-sama mujarab mengobati scabies. Kalau tidak salah perbandingan hasil pengobatannya sama-sama di atas 95%. Coba cari di Google dengan mengetik “aloe vera+scabies” tanpa tanda petik.

Lendir lidah buaya bisa menyebabkan gatal. Tapi tidak usah khawatir karena efeknya tidak terlalu lama. Sedari dulu saya suka mengolesi wajah saya dengan lidah buaya jadi aman dan tanpa efek samping sama sekali.

3. Bawang Merah dan Bawang Putih
Nah, ini obat scabies yang paling murah dan sangat manjur mengobati scabies. Caranya tumbuk bawang merah dicampur garam sampai halus. Setelah itu, campur lagi dengan minyak kelapa atau minyak zaitun secukupnya agar bisa menempel di kulit pada pagi hari. Sorenya, ganti bawang merah dengan bawang putih. Waktu mengoleskan bawang putih, harus ditahan ya gatalnya. Jangan digaruk! Jangan lupa makan bawang putih mentah setiap hari agar sistem kekebalan tubuh bertambah.

4. Daun Sirih
Daun sirih berfungsi sebagai anti septik alami pembunuh kutu scabies. Caranya rebus daun sirih atau batang sirih dicampur garam lalu larutkan dengan air bak mandi ketika mau mandi tentunya. Lebih bagus lagi, setelah itu tumbuk daun sirih lalu oleskan di kulit yang terjangkit scabies.

5. Garam
Garam merupakan obat penyakit kulit terkenal sedari dulu. Teman-teman bisa berendam di pantai yang bersih atau mandi air hangat dengan campuran garam. Bisa menggunakan garam dapur atau kalau perlu silahkan menggunakan garam dari laut mati kalau kuat sama harganya.

6. Belerang
Belerang bisa membunuh kutu scabies tapi sayangnya tidak telurnya. Jadi teman-teman baiknya berendam di permandian air panas yang mengandung belerang secara teratur. Kalau tidak bisa ke permandian air panas, beli saja bubuk belerang di apotik terdekat. Kalau tidak salah harganya Rp. 50.000 per kilo.

7. Oli Panas
Oli panas termasuk pengobatan tradisional tidak ya? Tapi percaya atau tidak banyak orang yang sembuh dari scabies dengan oli panas. Caranya ambil oli bekas yang baru saja diambil dari kendaraan lalu panaskan di atas kompor dengan panas yang sangat rendah atau lebih amannya setelah teman-teman mengganti oli motor yang sudah dipanaskan mesinnya terlebih dahulu. Campur dengan bawang merah yang sudah dihaluskan lalu usapkan di kulit yang terjangkit scabies.

8. Cuka
Aduh! Hampir lupa sama cairan kecut ini. Cuka termasuk cairan asam pembasmi kutu dan bakteri. Teman-teman bisa menggunakan cuka dapur atau cuka apel.Oleskan cairan ini di bagian kulit dengan kapas. Ingat, rasanya betul-betul pedih!

9. Jeruk Nipis
Sama dengan cuka, jeruk nipis mengandung asam alami pembasmi kutu scabies. Oleskan saja perasan jeruk nipis di kulit yang terjangkit scabies. Awalnya perih memang tapi demi sembuh teman-teman bisa coba cara ini seperti cuka di atas.

10. Minyak kayu Putih
Minyak kayu putih juga termasuk obat scabies yang paling ampuh. Waktu saya kena scabies dulu saya suka bawa minyak kayu putih kemana-mana. Kalau ada merah sedikit langsung saya olesi dengan kayu putih. Hasilnya tidak ada 2 jam lukanya langsung sembuh. Tapi minyak kayu putih yang saya gunakan bukan sembarang kayu putih tapi kayu putih jenis Tea Tree Oil yang saya beli Body Shop. Bagi saya harganya mahal memang, tapi demi sembuh secepatnya apalagi gatalnya sangat menyiksa di malam hari, tidak masalah harus mengeluarkan uang lebih Rp.100.000.

11. Mengkudu
Kalau tahan sama baunya silahkan teman-teman menggunakan buah mengkudu. Blender buah mengkudu yang sudah dipisahkan dengan bijinya. Saring airnya lalu usapkan di kulit yang terjangkit scabies. Setelah itu, ampas mengkudu tadi dibalut dengan kain lalu tempelkan di kulit yang terjangkit scabies.

Nah, itu dia 11 Obat Tradisional Paling Ampuh Mengobati Scabies yang bisa saya bagikan. Selama pengobatan, ingat jangan pernah menyerah kalau lengah sedikit saja kutunya susah hilang bahkan resisten!

Scabies bukan kutukan atau penyakit ghaib tapi penyakit yang disebabkan oleh kutu mikroskopis bernama Sarcoptes Scabiei varian Humanis. Sebagai tambahan, waktu mau tidur baiknya oleskan lotion anti nyamuk seperti Soffel atau Autan yang ada Aloe Vera-nya. Kalau Soffel kalau tidak salah warnanya pink. Semoga sembuh.