Friday, November 21, 2014

Finally, I Have Received My Bachelor Certificate

Woohooo! I just can’t contain this excitement. I have received my bachelor certificate and I am ready to find a good job to secure my future. After over 5 years of study, I just can’t imagine I finally get this. I have toiled to walk to university over two years, lived at really bad dorm room, had no money are some things that I can’t forget that make me emotional to look at the certificate sometime.

When I graduated 5 months ago, my friend said to me, “Welcome to the jungle!” basically that means I am facing uncertain future. I must struggle by my own and I don’t want to be a poor man.

An Undergraduate Thesis: A Behavioral Analysis of Characters in Shaw’s Mrs. Warren’s Profession


I provide my undergraduate thesis to download for free in case you need to use it as your reference. Please note, by downloading it you agree to put the source of this undergraduate thesis for your writing, which is addressed to me as the writer. I toiled, worked really hard, and cashed out a lot of money to get this thesis finished. Plagiarism is a sin in our academic sphere and against copyright law. Please respect! [Download here]


Arwin. 2014. A Behavioral Analysis of Characters in Shaw’s Mrs. Warren’s Profession. (Supervised by H. A. Lukmanulhakim Jaya and Agustinus Ruruk Lilak).

This thesis is aimed at analysis to reveal the characteristics of the characters in the play Mrs. Warren’s Profession written by George Bernard Shaw in 1893. The analysis is focused on the behaviors of the characters and their relationship with the others. This fiction discusses about a woman, who worked as a prostitute in Victorian England as impact of capitalism. The drama presents two major characters, who are Mrs. Warren, the mother and her daughter, Vivie Warren, and four minor characters, who are Mr. Praed, Sir George Crofts, Frank Gardner, and The Reverend Samuel Gardner.

This research uses structuralism approach that focuses on the intrinsic elements in the literature works like characters, plot, setting and theme. Furthermore, the writer also uses qualitative method in reporting the analysis, because the data taken from the object of the analysis is in the form of words, sentences, and utterances not numbers. Considering that structuralism approach does not need secondary data to analyze the aspect of character in literary works, the writer does not take other data unless the drama itself as the main source.

As result of the analysis, the writer concludes that although all characters in the drama are just fictional, it reflects that every human being has different behaviors to achieve their dream by their own. This is obviously found on every characters in the play. Mrs. Warren, who is a mother to Vivie forces her to be an obedient and respectable woman by providing financial support. However, Vivie refuses it because she thinks that she is highly well-educated, agile, mature, and already self-sufficient. Meanwhile, Frank Gardner is attracted to marry Vivie only for her intelligence and wealth that will be inherited from her mother. Mr. Praed appears as an old friend of Mrs. Warren, and is disposed to befriend with Vivie. Sir George Crofts is also attracted to marry regardless of his older age. However, Vivie refuses it, but he is still insisting that she would become a wealthy young widow due to his advanced age. Reverend Samuel Gardner, who is Frank’s father in the play works as a local clergyman. However, he is depicted as a hypocritical person because he had ever purchased the service of Mrs. Warren in prostitution. All characters in the play bring positive behaviors and convey positive values, but occasionally they also display negative traits and attitudes such as being selfish, arrogant, and temperamental to get their purposes.

Monday, November 17, 2014

I am Obsessed to Live Longer

Back then when I was a high schooler, I imagined to have an eternal life so I would be able to do a lot of things in the future. Of course, I knew it’s quite impossible. Eternity only belongs to Allah SWT, but longevity is possible. I expect I would be still around for over 90 years. I was born in 1990 anyway, as I write this post I am 24.

To achieve that goal is kinda hard. Why? Longevity must be supported by healthy life and healthy mind, but I can’t afford them right now. You know, it’s very expensive to live healthy totally. I can’t afford organic foods, sign up for a gym, visit a doctor for medical check-up, and whatso’er.

However, I have tried small steps. I studied Japanese people’s usuality like how their diet is, what they do to work, workout, and so forth so on. If you want to live longer, you should try to study Japanese people usuality too because they have life expectancy more than 70 years. Remember oldest person record in the world owned by a Japanese woman and she is 116!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Still No Idea Where Should I Work

Told you I have graduated on June this year and unfortunately I haven’t yet received my bachelor certificate. It’s getting worse as I am thinking of where I should I work to secure my future.

Politik Dalam Sastra

Politik dalam sastra merupakan bagian dari unsur ekstrinsik sebuah karya sastra baik berupa tema atau pun setting. Tidaklah susah untuk mencari karya sastra yang memuat unsur-unsur politik karena biasanya karya sastra muncul sebagai media untuk mengkritisi pemerintah.

Karya sastra semacam ini misalnya Animal Farm yang mengkritisi kapitalisme dan diktatorisme di Rusia, 1948, Killing Hummingbird, dan sebagainya. Sedangkan di dalam negeri sebut saja lagu-lagu Iwan Fals dan puisi-puisi Kharil Anwar.

How to Merge PDF Documents

As a student, sometimes we have to merge PDF documents and scanned document that has been converted to PDF file before handing it over to our teacher. Or in another case, you have prepared a number of PDF documents to apply a job, but you need to merge it with other PDFs and you don’t know how. Well, actually it is not really new tricks, but I hope this will come in handy because software we are going to use is only 1,56 MB and very simple to use.

First of all, you might download PDFBinder [download]. Install it and fire it out in your Windows.


Click Add file… as you can see in the menu bar. Choose PDF documents you want to merge. Make sure you arrange them in order based on your own.

When everything is in the list then click Bind! Give it a name and choose a folder to save it.

Voila! Done!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I Finally Earned My Bachelor Degree in Literature

There is nothing I am grateful for but my graduation day on June 25 in Baruga Pettarani at Hasanuddin University this year. Yes, after I spent over 6 years, finally I had right to add academic degree after my name that is S.S (Sarjana Sastra) or Bachelor of Literature.

In my graduation day, my mother and brothers come, but my father didn't because he had to keep our house at village. Do I forget his chicken?

I am proud and happy with my academic achievement, yet I have to admit that I also feel sad that I needed a long time to accomplish it. Over six years! It’s not because I was very lazy to drag my ass to the campus or I couldn’t move my hands to finish my assessment. This is because of my thesis and a serious problem with my first thesis advisor.

Well, I don’t want to recall it after all. Most importantly, I have finished my study this year and the only thing I have to do is to do stuff to get my bachelor certificate by next month and get well-prepared to find a good job. Speaking of a good job, I really want to pursue a career in banking. Yes banking! It doesn’t relate to my study, right? I know, but there are several banks in Indonesia that accept those who don’t possess academic degree in finance.

For strengthening my chance to work in banking, I have signed up a short coursework that provide practical knowledge in banking that is Finance Administration last two weeks in this city. The course offered two packages, which are manual accounting and computer-based accounting. Each package requires one month of study. However, I only chose manual accounting, because I didn’t want to take a long time considering that I had to work as soon as possible.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Dea Valencia Budiarto Bringing Culture Product Into Profitable Business

Batik Kultur by Dea Valencia Budiarto

Dea Valencia Budiarto is a 19 years old fresh graduate of Universitas Media Nusantara. Instead of searching for paid job after earning her bachelor degree, she decided to establish a fashion company that fills her pocket more than IDR 1 Billion annually.

Her success story might inspire you!

Under brand Batik Kultur by Dea Valencia, she makes modern clothes with a touch of a traditional textile originating from Java especially for young businesswomen and housewife. In the beginning of her production, she could only make 20 clothes. Now? More than 800 clothes produced and it all is over the market in Indonesia. One cloth is sold for in the range IDR 250,000 – IDR 1,2 Million.

How does she market her products then? According to her interview with, she admitted that she used social media such as Facebook and Instagram. She puts her products catalogue on the websites to reach consumers very widely and cheaply.

Although she is very young, she doesn’t forget to rich up disabled people by employing them in her production house. “Giving back to society,” she stated.

Friday, January 17, 2014

My First Purchase in Bhinneka

Last month, my elder brother gave me his Android-powered smartphone Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 i860 but in return I had to buy a Blackberry smartphone for him by using money from my pocket. That Ace 2 is my first Android smartphone. I have upgraded it to Jelly Bean and it runs often extremely slow until I remove its battery. Annoying!

I thought it was because it needed bigger RAM because it is not more than 1 GB in capacity. Therefore, I planned to root it and installed RAM adder app. Found RAM Manager Pro but haven’t yet used it because I wait until its guarantee period is expired. RAM Manager Pro does need MicroSD, so I need to buy a MicroSD with higher capacity and higher class which is class 10 .

Due to my stay at my village, I got to buy it online. Actually, it was not wise option because I didn’t really need it really soon. I just could have bought it in Makassar.

After Googling, I found cheap one in Kaskus. The seller seemed trusted and eligible, so I contacted him to ask about the price. I BBM-ed him and he just answered that the shipment fee was over IDR 40k. Wow, that was quite expensive. He was selling MicroSD UHS-1 which was worth buying but well… there might be another seller that provided cheaper shipment fee.

Shortly after, Bhinneka across my mind. It’s the most famous gadget webstore in the country. MicroSD type I was looking for, fortunately available in their website. It was Sandisk MicroSD UHS-1 16 GB Class 10. Sold for IDR 179.000 with shipment fee IDR 20.000 (Total: 208.863). – 63 is the unique number to identify my purchase but I had to either input my transaction ID when I confirmed my purchase. That’s good anyway but way too redundant. Unique number of amount to pay is enough though.

I had confirmed my payment via Bank BNI ATM on their website and the only I needed to do was waiting my memory card shipped to my address.

However, I was disappointed because they shipped it after three days and it just  arrived at TIKI in Watampone four days after. Means it was over one week! I only thought that maybe because I stayed at village so my package was stuck on the tree. But well, the MicroSD has been on my hand already. I have just taken it in TIKI Watampanone at Jl. Beringin last week. Thanks Bhinneka!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

When People Relate Vehicle to Myth

I got into conversation with my mother and my brother yesterday about vehicle, which was related to myth. I thought it was ridiculous and totally mediocre, because I don’t believe myth at all. Myth only across my mind without making any sense unless stated in Hadits or Koran otherwise.

My brother told us that there was a “smart” man at village, who could be a best friend to buy new vehicle, particularly motorcycle. It was because he could choose “new motorcycle that can not experience accident by its user after s/he purchase it” by seeing its machine serial ID. What?

He added telling, that man ever told a young man to buy new motorcycle because he always got accident with his old motorcycle. The reason was his motorcycle machine serial ID contained bad luck number. Well, I just guessed that that young man was really bad to ride his motorcycle and/or his motorcycle was broken but he never wanted to fix it.