Monday, October 13, 2014

Woohoo! I Have an iPad

Having an iDevice has been a dream of a lot of people who couldn't afford it yet. Yes, one of 'em is me to be honest perfectly. iDevice is ridiculously overpriced and yet its features are actually not really far different from Android-powered smartphones.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I Finally Earned My Bachelor Degree in Literature

There is nothing I am grateful for but my graduation day on June 25 in Baruga Pettarani at Hasanuddin University this year. Yes, after I spent over 6 years, finally I had right to add academic degree after my name that is S.S (Sarjana Sastra) or Bachelor of Literature.

In my graduation day, my mother and brothers come, but my father didn't because he had to keep our house at village. Do I forget his chicken?

I am proud and happy with my academic achievement, yet I have to admit that I also feel sad that I needed a long time to accomplish it. Over six years! It’s not because I was very lazy to drag my ass to the campus or I couldn’t move my hands to finish my assessment. This is because of my thesis and a serious problem with my first thesis advisor.

Well, I don’t want to recall it after all. Most importantly, I have finished my study this year and the only thing I have to do is to do stuff to get my bachelor certificate by next month and get well-prepared to find a good job. Speaking of a good job, I really want to pursue a career in banking. Yes banking! It doesn’t relate to my study, right? I know, but there are several banks in Indonesia that accept those who don’t possess academic degree in finance.

For strengthening my chance to work in banking, I have signed up a short coursework that provide practical knowledge in banking that is Finance Administration last two weeks in this city. The course offered two packages, which are manual accounting and computer-based accounting. Each package requires one month of study. However, I only chose manual accounting, because I didn’t want to take a long time considering that I had to work as soon as possible.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Dea Valencia Budiarto Bringing Culture Product Into Profitable Business

Batik Kultur by Dea Valencia Budiarto

Dea Valencia Budiarto is a 19 years old fresh graduate of Universitas Media Nusantara. Instead of searching for paid job after earning her bachelor degree, she decided to establish a fashion company that fills her pocket more than IDR 1 Billion annually.

Her success story might inspire you!

Under brand Batik Kultur by Dea Valencia, she makes modern clothes with a touch of a traditional textile originating from Java especially for young businesswomen and housewife. In the beginning of her production, she could only make 20 clothes. Now? More than 800 clothes produced and it all is over the market in Indonesia. One cloth is sold for in the range IDR 250,000 – IDR 1,2 Million.

How does she market her products then? According to her interview with, she admitted that she used social media such as Facebook and Instagram. She puts her products catalogue on the websites to reach consumers very widely and cheaply.

Although she is very young, she doesn’t forget to rich up disabled people by employing them in her production house. “Giving back to society,” she stated.

Friday, January 17, 2014

My First Purchase in Bhinneka

Last month, my elder brother gave me his Android-powered smartphone Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 i860 but in return I had to buy a Blackberry smartphone for him by using money from my pocket. That Ace 2 is my first Android smartphone. I have upgraded it to Jelly Bean and it runs often extremely slow until I remove its battery. Annoying!

I thought it was because it needed bigger RAM because it is not more than 1 GB in capacity. Therefore, I planned to root it and installed RAM adder app. Found RAM Manager Pro but haven’t yet used it because I wait until its guarantee period is expired. RAM Manager Pro does need MicroSD, so I need to buy a MicroSD with higher capacity and higher class which is class 10 .

Due to my stay at my village, I got to buy it online. Actually, it was not wise option because I didn’t really need it really soon. I just could have bought it in Makassar.

After Googling, I found cheap one in Kaskus. The seller seemed trusted and eligible, so I contacted him to ask about the price. I BBM-ed him and he just answered that the shipment fee was over IDR 40k. Wow, that was quite expensive. He was selling MicroSD UHS-1 which was worth buying but well… there might be another seller that provided cheaper shipment fee.

Shortly after, Bhinneka across my mind. It’s the most famous gadget webstore in the country. MicroSD type I was looking for, fortunately available in their website. It was Sandisk MicroSD UHS-1 16 GB Class 10. Sold for IDR 179.000 with shipment fee IDR 20.000 (Total: 208.863). – 63 is the unique number to identify my purchase but I had to either input my transaction ID when I confirmed my purchase. That’s good anyway but way too redundant. Unique number of amount to pay is enough though.

I had confirmed my payment via Bank BNI ATM on their website and the only I needed to do was waiting my memory card shipped to my address.

However, I was disappointed because they shipped it after three days and it just  arrived at TIKI in Watampone four days after. Means it was over one week! I only thought that maybe because I stayed at village so my package was stuck on the tree. But well, the MicroSD has been on my hand already. I have just taken it in TIKI Watampanone at Jl. Beringin last week. Thanks Bhinneka!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

When People Relate Vehicle to Myth

I got into conversation with my mother and my brother yesterday about vehicle, which was related to myth. I thought it was ridiculous and totally mediocre, because I don’t believe myth at all. Myth only across my mind without making any sense unless stated in Hadits or Koran otherwise.

My brother told us that there was a “smart” man at village, who could be a best friend to buy new vehicle, particularly motorcycle. It was because he could choose “new motorcycle that can not experience accident by its user after s/he purchase it” by seeing its machine serial ID. What?

He added telling, that man ever told a young man to buy new motorcycle because he always got accident with his old motorcycle. The reason was his motorcycle machine serial ID contained bad luck number. Well, I just guessed that that young man was really bad to ride his motorcycle and/or his motorcycle was broken but he never wanted to fix it.

That Dirty Man Wants Back

My family had been missing a figure of a father for all these last 2 years, because he was choosing to marry another dirty old woman, who had several ex husbands. This is so shameful to tell here but, there is nothing else I can write on. Well then…

He is now at his close friend’s house, about only 20 minutes riding motorcycle from my house. He and my brother just arrived last night. My brother arrived at home, but he didn’t, because he needed advice from his friend before he came here. What a jerk!

I actually hate him after he left my mother with awful desperation, but my mother kindly still wants to open her hand for him to return. Huh… 

Ever since I was a child, what he did was only sucking my mother’s money, because he earned less and…. gambled. I dunno if he is still doing it until now. However, I believe he cannot quit gambling because as well as I know, gambling is addictive. It’s just like drug, it takes years of affirmation and awareness to quit.

Sometimes, my mother told me to accept his intention to come back, but I answered NO. What I got, she only advised me with the same old words over and over again: “He is your father….”

I don’t want to be an disobedient son, like or not I have to accept it and try to understand him. Again?

Shortly, he will come, I don’t know how to behave.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I feel nausea of tea

Today, I had my lunch eating meatballs in the afternoon and tonight I haven’t yet had dinner but a glass of coffee and tea. Yet, after I drank a glass of tea I feel nausea. I will likely vomit. My stomach feels so sick. Maybe it’s because I drank tea without a main course before. I want to eat something but now is 2AM. What store on earth that still opens this hour? I should buy a food via delivery order, but well I don’t have much money left in my wallet. I intended to stay up tonight because I didn’t trust the alarm of my phone. Sometimes, it don’t want to ring!

“When will you graduate?”

This questions have been asked by many people whom I oblige with my status as a student at university, especially those who are my families: my mother, my brother, my uncle, my father, they all ask me the same question. Perhaps, for those you who are student at final semester too, I believe you ever got asked the same question at least once.

When will you graduate?

This is a deadly question that can leave you be hurt, stress, and upset. I still remember when my mother asked that question to me when I was home. I got angry. I didn’t get angry at her at all but myself! I got angry because I rarely met my thesis supervisors, I got angry because most of my time was occupied in the front of computer to do what? Facebook-ing, playing game, and nothing else but that. I got angry.

Sometimes, I think I am so stupid! Why and why the hell I am that stupid that I can’t finish my study soon and the meantime a lot of my friends have graduated?


I don’t want to be a student at this university until I turn 24. That’s extremely old. I have so many dreams to make come-true.

Wish me able to join final test next week

Indonesia is a country full of uncertain stuffs and one of them is schedule. Yeah, schedule. Schedule can be changed by people who have power and you can do nothing to argue it. Sometimes I find it bad but in other hand I find it more than good as it makes my interest accomplished.

Speaking of schedule, my English Department had issued a letter telling students that the schedule of final test document submission was due last week. I hope it will change, frankly.

So, tomorrow, Insha Allah I will be meeting my thesis advisors to accept my thesis to be proposed in final test and hopefully tomorrow is not the due time to submit my thesis although the clerk of my department has said that today was the due time (actually). I have prepared everything as requirement to join the final test such as enclosing academic record, close-up photos, high school certificate of graduation, and so forth.

My friend told me that next week is the only chance to be able to join the final test this year. Consequently, if I miss it, I have to wait until April next year because of the new policy of my university. Who knows.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Fried Banana That Doesn’t Reflect Its Given Name

A couple of days ago, I went to eat Coto Makassar in Coto Tamalanrea before the Hasanuddin University. I didn't really enjoy the food because I ate it with little spoiled ketupats (English: rice cake boiled in a rhombus-shaped packet of plaited young coconut leaves).

As I wanted to leave the restaurant, I didn’t have small change in my pocket to pay the parking man who had eyed on my motorcycle. Actually, I could use the bigger amount of money, which were the change I got from the Coto Makassar purchase, but I believed that the parking man would return its change with worn-out banknotes. I don’t like that.

So! I planned to buy something in expectation that I would get smaller amount of money to pay the parking man. I saw a stand that selling fried banana next to gas station of PERTAMINA. The stand seemed slack of consumers because its boxes were stacked all over the glasses. Probably, I was the first costumer who bought their product in that night.

I ordered fried banana called Pisang Goreng Coklat Keju (English: Fried Banana with Chocolate and Cheese). I had been waiting for it about 10 minutes because the girl who kept the stand had to fry it first. Nice it was fresh I thought.

Okay, I got small change and was ready to pay the parking man. Then, I went to my dorm room. As I opened the box of that fried banana, well I was shocked! Where was its cheese? It was only bananas with chocolate! Damn, what a lie.


I swear it is the only my first purchase in that stand.