Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Yumerium Helping Gamers to Make Money Just Playing Their Favorite Games

A lot of people think playing game is just a waste of time and money. But don't you know that you can make money just playing your favorite games? Thanks to Yumerium, because your gaming experience will be even more fun and meaningful.

Yumerium is a platform developed by Subdream Studios using blockchain technology to facilitate the transaction between developer and gamers. According to its official website, Yumerium (YUM) a gaming token that can be earned by playing, sharing and reviewing games and can be spent in any game that supports it. YUM integrates marketing tools such as referral bonuses or bounty campaigns to attract and engage users.

Yumerium is trying to revolutionize gaming industry by offering a powerful ecosystem between developer and gamers for better gaming experience. You can buy games in Yumerium marketplace and try games that still under development to help its developers.

When this article written, Yumerium has successfully developed five games including games that using VR technology and they plan to develop even more in their studio located in Los Altos, California. Their existing games are ready to purchase using Yumerium token, which are Crypto Mine, Hell Dimension VR, Kingdom Watcher, Mega Overload, and Dream Pets. All of them are ready to purchase in Yumerium store using YUM token. Interested to buy? Visit Yumerium shop here https://www.yumerium.com/store.

Their developer launched its native token called YUM based on ERC20 for their existing games. This token is not only used to purchase games within in its platform but also provide Cryptocurrency based payment solution that offers a lower fee and instant payment. This is done by removing intermediaries and using blockchain for transparent transaction record which can be audited by anyone at any time.

Fortunately, Yumerium hasn't completed yet. You still have chance before soldout! Don't miss it! You can participate in their token crowdsale by visiting their Token Sale page here https://www.yumerium.com/tokensales. Personally, this is next gen you don't want to miss out because we all believe that its token value will increase. Why? Yumerium will create a platform that combines the four key components required for any collaborative and online gaming endeavor to be successful:

1. Growing a developer base
2. Attracting a community through rewards
3. Democratically crowdfunding projects that people are interested in
4. Providing a decentralized payment gateway for services

The Yumerium Native Token is a new cryptocurrency powered by blockchain technologies with unique features not found in other smart contracts. Some of these features include YUM Tokens, Token Reward, Limited Copies, Influencer Compensation, and Decentralized Crowdfunding.

What I like about Yumerium, developer can benefit from these solutions by publishing their games with the help of the Yumerium SDK and smart contracts. With a simple interface and no coding skills required for most features, developers can set up their game for sale or start a reward program that incorporates a variety of optional features.

What about gamers? As stated, gamers can earn YUM token by playing games provided in Yumerium platform. Gamers can liquidate their YUM token or buy game items. So convenient and efficient right?

Interested to learn more about Yumerium? Visit https://yumerium.com. To join Telegram community, refer to this link https://t.me/joinchat/H5o7EE7ncnHvSXJJYWSLYg.

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* Cryptocompare: https://www.cryptocompare.com/coins/yum/overview
* Smart-contract: https://github.com/SubdreamAdmin/yumerium
* LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/yumerium-inc/
* Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsNkaYbM55WKlXP0ftSgdUg
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* Telegram bounty: https://t.me/yumerium_bounty
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* Support email: yum@yumerium.com

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