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Thursday, February 4, 2016

If I Have a Lot of Money

If you were asked, "What are you going to do if you had a lot of money?" Well, let's start the dream and think of our situation to make it possible. I think $300,000 is more than enough for me to start a new quality life. The first thing I would consider to do with this achievement is making my family happy, giving everything they need to have a better future. Then, I would donate around 15% of my wealth to charity. Nobody carries money when they already died right? You may work harder and harder for yourself, your wife, and your children but always remember money can't stop you from death. Make a good memory with everything you have for people, that's the only invaluable thing to give away as long as we still step over on the earth. I would marry a woman of my life to be always on my side. Then we would move to Japan. Why Japan? I think Japan is the best country in the world for a thousand of reasons. You may have longer life expectency that the environment and the food very healthy there. Moreover, I think there is no place on earth as clean as Japan. America is the best place to study, but Japan is way more better than America. They have a method to teach children to be morally responsible for their way of life and that's very important investment for their future. We can pull an example that Japanese students are required to clean classes before the class starts. In America, they have a clean service. Japanese people are dominantly tollerant, hence they respect each other even you are a foreigner. And unfortunately, I don't find such thing in Indonesia. Something I learn, your dream may sound illogical but you have to make it cometrue in a way of logic. Then, nothing is impossible. Let's work hard for our better future.