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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What is the right time to publish contents in blog?

Hello, everybody we'll talk about SEO again. It's been really interesting topic here as we are struggling to rank up our blog in Google SERP. At this time, I am eager to discuss about what's the right time to publish content in our blog to get it indexed faster. I think it's important that after we worked hard to write article we really want to get it in the spot as fast as possible for certain reasons. Suppose your article discussing about seasonal event or something else.

I am living in Indonesia, so I am just gonna use local time here (UTC +08:00 Taipei). First thing first, this blog was created in 2008 and because of its age, sometimes content I publish here get indexed in a matter of minutes. Besides, this blog has ever granted PR 2 by Google. But guess what, when I published this article this morning, it's not indexed just yet until now. I am wondering that I should have published it at dawn, because at dawn here is afternoon local time in United States (UTC -08:00).

Yup, maybe at this point you try to think that we should publish content when it's busy hours in United States. Who knows? It's just based on my experience anyway. Got something to say? Feel free to share your ideas below.