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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Joey Alexander, a child prodigy from Indonesia

Jazz is my favorite music. I really love this kind of music that it is so relaxing and rich of improvisations. Therefore, I tend to listening to jazz instrumental than the one with a vocal instrument. Well, this is just about taste, right?

Actually, there is only one jazz musician that I love the most, that is Sadao Watanabe from Japan. But now, Joey Alexander has taken my attention. This young lad has been highlight on liberal media in United States because of his amazing skills playing piano. I was just like my jaw dropped on the floor watching his perform playing Monk's Dream from Thelous Monk in TED. In case you don't know, Monk's Dream is one of old-school jazz great's song and really hard to play. But, Joey Alexander played it with his own arrangement and got standing applause from the audience.

Now, Joey Alexander called a child prodigy and I think he deserves to have that honour. At such very young age, he has won grandprix in MasterJam 2013 in Ukraine.