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Monday, October 26, 2015

Increase your SEO with the power of content curation

Hello everyone! Today I am gonna share something about SEO, which is how to increase your SEO with the power of content curation. It's not a new stuff anyways, I learned this from SCOOP.it that shared it in the PDF format. You may download the report or simply read on this post based on the PDF I wrote with my own.

Social networks like Facebook has been improved in over just a few years. Users can pratically search anything thru the website search box or simply ask their friends. And to survive, search engine like Google must adapt and compete with them developing  algorithm to find out a quality and relevant content for the users through indexing their social network profile. This is why, it's not really recommended for a new website to spam over the internet even in the high PR links. Chances are, the website may get a high position in SERP but it will possibly deindexed in a matter of minutes. Never do it if you plan to make a website or blog to make long term income with this technique.

Google hates spammers so much more than you can imagine. Never expect your website will rank up in Google SERPs throwing up a millions of trashy content, and build links everywhere. Everything should be as natural as possible and never over optimize it. Yes, content is still the king but over all of that, high quality content is still the king of the kings. You have to build a good website, and write relevant content that mostly solve users' problem. And naturally, your website will be shared a thousands of times and went viral.

So, what is content curation?
Content curation is a method to write a post without having to spend 4-6 hours a day just because you think that would be great. But, it would be better to be a part of your serious post. The important key here is how to create creatively write it and think out-the-box. Have you noticed BuzzFeed, Kotaku, Huffington Post, Upworthy, and others like IGN? These websites manage to capture impressive attention from audiences because they are not stiff in style of providing contents. In fact, the content are obtained from other peoples' website to be a sweetening part of their publishing along with their respective sources. Nothing to complain right? So, let's take a look on the example below and how we can make it.

Practice makes perfect, this helps you boost your SEO from reliable sources without infringing copyright. With algorithm to select meaningful relevan content, it gets doubled value from Google. Google always has a smarter method to figuring out a good content provided for users to solve their problems. Contents curation helps you as a go-to start to fill in the gaps which means more traffic and more time spent for your audience.