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Sunday, October 25, 2015

CPA Blackhat Method

CPA stands for Cost-Per-Action, or sometimes Cost-Per-Acquisition, referring to a type of advertisement to find potential customers thru offers from CPA Advertiser. My CPA techniques or methods are mostly blackhat and never intended to use paid traffic after all. I am targeting people who want to download illegal stuff so bad and I am here to give them lesson.

If you really want to learn making money with CPA using blackhat, you should understand that it's obviously unethical method because you are scamming people. You are providing fake stuff for them to download, but they must fill out an offer beforehand to get it. When they fill out the offer (say completing a survey and submit email), you earn commission.

It's not magic, you can make bank with it as long as you know how to do it properly. You must think out-the-box, use your own twist with the already existing methods, outcompete your competitors who make more money than you, and the most important thing is how you can find the hidden "gems" under a stone. It all could be done with a working brain.

To get started, whether you want a short term or long term income, you should at least  have a basic knowledge of creating website or blog. However, mastering HTML and CSS are not obligatory but it would useful if you know the basic. We need to create attractive and appealing website to lure visitors to fill out the offer we provide from CPA advertisers.