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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Why I Don't Really Like to Listen Indonesian Songs

Indonesian songs are rocketing up in some countries especially in Malaysia that their language is not really different with Indonesia. Time by time, there are always new Indonesian music covers in Youtube, covered by white people. Indonesia musics sounds easy-listen, very simple and catchy, but the quality is far far compared to Japanese music, if I may compare to.

However, as Indonesian, there are just a few song that I like. Most of them are just old-school songs sang by Indonesian legendary singers, say Chrisye, Sheila on 7, Bob Tutupoli, and Tommy J Pisa. I don't really Indonesian songs these days because the lyrics sounds very very maudlin and mushy. I don't feel disturbed if the singer is woman, but ... it's man! Well, now I think you understand what I mean.