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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Anime Review: Ore Monogatari

Due to a bad health condition, I've spent a lot of time in my house at my home village in Kabupaten Bone. Unfortunately, at this current moment I couldn't do some things productive or invest my times to learn Android App Development, blogging for money, and developing my fiction writing skill again but trapping myself in the conform zone watching anime. I promise to begin it soon.

Ore Monogatari via Wikia

Speaking of anime, it's animated movie originated from a coolest country and most dreamed country to visit on earth. Japan Animation Industry has over 90% portion of cake in animation marketshare in the world. Maybe just like you, watching anime is another personal interest despite of my age that I consider not young anymore. I am 25 years old and I think ages don't define people to do what they love to do. I stil remembered one of my favorite childhood anime, called Dragon Ball that is still aired in televesion. Luckily, it's produced again with newest story, Dragon Ball Super, framed with high quality graphic.

Couple days ago, I was searching about top ranking comedy-genred anime. In the top 5, there are Gintama, One Piece, and other three that I am not familiar with. I wanted to continue watching Gintama, but I have no idea in what episode I left as it's been years not watching it. I don't want to start over from very beginning. It cost a lot of data plan to download the entire episodes (on-going). So, I just looked for completed anime in the list. There I saw Ore Monogatary "My Love Story," completed around five months ago and packed in 24 episodes only. As a saying "Don't judge a book by its cover," but I judged this anime poster and concluded that the title strongly represent this anime poster already. Besides, I bet the story will be centering on the teenagers love story in Japan. Maybe it's cliche, would be it's worth to download then?

Let me spoil the story but if you plan to watch it, please skip these three paragraphs then. As expected already, it's about love story. The story opened by the main character Tokeo Gouda that introduces himself as he is about to advance his education to Senior High School. He has never had a girlfriend, but he always wants to have one that fondly loves him the way he is. Every girl he likes beginning from kindergaten school to senior high school always ended up to love his best friend instead, Sunakawa Yamoto. However, Sunakawa rejected them all because they like to mock Takeo. Despite of his looks, Takeo is extremely a very kind person to everybody that needs help. Physically, he is described more than 2 meters. Funny, in the last episode a little kid says he is more than 3 meters. He has thick lips and thick eyebrows. People bullied him that looks like a bear and painfully a gorilla. Kindly, Takeo doesn't bother it much. He is a man about sport, his body very muscular, and strong. People are very scaried of his look. He is very popular among male students at his school, because they want to be strong and good at sport just like him. Unlike his best friend Sunakawa Yamoto, he is very popular among female students.

In a bullet train that Takeo and Suna aboard, he happened to see a sex predator that touches a girl skirt behind (YKWIM). Takeo chokes the man and brings it to the police office. Being confronted, Takeo spontantly punches the man but consequently he get scorsed in his school. The girl he helped named Rinko Yamato that fall in love to him at first sight. Fortunately, Yamato manages to meet Takeo and Suna in his apartment to pay her gratitude of being helped that day. Takeo thinks Rinko loves Suna, so he wants to help Rinko to become Suna's girlfriend. But, actually Rinko actually loves Takeo instead. Thanks to Suna, finally Takeo and Rinko can be a sweet couple although it looks weird for a lot of people. Imagine they are just like a father and daughter. The story goes rather complicated, because Suna's daugher also loves Takeo because she can't forget the moment when Takeo said that she looked like a beautiful flower in the flower shop they passed by. Indirectly, Takeo was the only person that said she was a beautiful girl when all her friends called her looked like a skinny tall statue before their school.

In the middle story, actually it's boring but I like the funny scene when Take and Rinko dating. I don't know. IMO, the story is rather cliche, but I love the moral messages delivered here. It's about love and friendship. I like Takeo's decesion when he has to visit Suna's father in hospital to get heart surgeon while he is dating Yamato.

In the end of story, there is a professional cake make "pastry chef" that also loves Rinko where she works, named Ichinose. Ichinose wants to make Rinko as her girlfriend as his girlfriend, because he thinks that they will make a good couple relationship. They have same interest in cake-making. However, Rinko refuses Ichinose because she can't never leave Takeo.

Clearly, some parts of the story describe Japanese people good habits that always amase me. They are very hard-working people, discpline, polite, and sociable. At such young age, Takeo, Rinko, and Suna start to work in part time job. I compare it to myself when I was a student at high school. No words.

I highly recommend this anime to watch if you are looking for comedy romance anime. I would personally score it 9.0/10.0.