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Sunday, August 30, 2015

My Severe Disease: It's Just About Time

I have no idea how I got infected by a severe disease that would kill me, but guessing the germs already occupied my blood when I was a child. Unfortunately, I just knew it when it was April 1st, 2015 when I went to PUSKESMAS to meet a doctor regarding weird bumps in my toes. He said something that confused me because he said it very unclear with medical terms that I didn't understand at all. Seemed, he didn't want to explain it to me but to his med co-workers. His co-workers looked sad or may shocked as they heard of the doctor explanation and so I have. The day was my birthday. What a present!

I phoned my mother and I cried that I was extremely afraid of my condition. I decided to go home village that day. Actually, I already guessed what my disease might be. I had to check my blood thought. After a week, I headed to a hospital specialised on patients with that disease I guessed. They checked my blood. The result shocked me. I was positive. It's like I just wanted die that day.

Now, I am still in the treatment. I still feel the pain in my body. I am fighting this disease although it seems that it would be hard to recover. I always try to be positive minded to strengthen my immune system. I am sick physically and mentally. If my treatment is over, this disease would come again as I read in some literature in internet.

I am thinking of my jobless condition and this disease very hard. I only rely on my small online business that I run everyday. However, it only works as I have internet connection.