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Monday, August 24, 2015

My Favorite Character in One Piece

One Piece is one of the oldest Anime around. I already watched it when I was a student junior high school, but I was not interested to continue watch it because their characters are very odds and strange-looked. Then, when I was a student at university, I have many friends that love that Anime.

So, I tried to copy their collection into my HD and started watching it. I just wow'ed it. This is very good Anime that I should watch it on and on, despite their strange characters look. Some things I like about this Anime that it teaches us to never give up to reach our dream even it's as high as the sky. Besides, this shows epic fight among characters. It's awesome, yes! However, as others Animes, I don't really like when almost one entire episode is full of flashback. That's annoying! When it happens, I just skip it and jump into new scene.

My favorite character in One Piece is actually one of Luffy's toughest enemy. He is Admiral Kizaru that possesses light power. He has eaten Devil Fruit Logia-type called Pika Pika no Mi that allows anything get through him.

Admiral Kizaru