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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Wish me able to join final test next week

Indonesia is a country full of uncertain stuffs and one of them is schedule. Yeah, schedule. Schedule can be changed by people who have power and you can do nothing to argue it. Sometimes I find it bad but in other hand I find it more than good as it makes my interest accomplished.

Speaking of schedule, my English Department had issued a letter telling students that the schedule of final test document submission was due last week. I hope it will change, frankly.

So, tomorrow, Insha Allah I will be meeting my thesis advisors to accept my thesis to be proposed in final test and hopefully tomorrow is not the due time to submit my thesis although the clerk of my department has said that today was the due time (actually). I have prepared everything as requirement to join the final test such as enclosing academic record, close-up photos, high school certificate of graduation, and so forth.

My friend told me that next week is the only chance to be able to join the final test this year. Consequently, if I miss it, I have to wait until April next year because of the new policy of my university. Who knows.