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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

“When will you graduate?”

This questions have been asked by many people whom I oblige with my status as a student at university, especially those who are my families: my mother, my brother, my uncle, my father, they all ask me the same question. Perhaps, for those you who are student at final semester too, I believe you ever got asked the same question at least once.

When will you graduate?

This is a deadly question that can leave you be hurt, stress, and upset. I still remember when my mother asked that question to me when I was home. I got angry. I didn’t get angry at her at all but myself! I got angry because I rarely met my thesis supervisors, I got angry because most of my time was occupied in the front of computer to do what? Facebook-ing, playing game, and nothing else but that. I got angry.

Sometimes, I think I am so stupid! Why and why the hell I am that stupid that I can’t finish my study soon and the meantime a lot of my friends have graduated?


I don’t want to be a student at this university until I turn 24. That’s extremely old. I have so many dreams to make come-true.