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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Grammar oh Grammar…

Writing a thesis with English language is compulsory for students of English Department, and for me grammatical errors are something hard that must be dealt with. When I consulted my work with my thesis advisor, he ridiculed my grammatical errors in my thesis. Oh God, it makes me really down. Because of it, he did not want to continue reading my work until I fix them.
I asked my friend who stayed in Java to fix it, but until today there is nothing yet she could tell me whether its progress is good or not. *SIGH*

There is another story too. I asked my friend who stayed at village to fix it too because I thought she was smart. Moreover, she was also an English teacher in an English course. I thought it would be better if I and she worked together, so I treated her in a cafe. Unfortunately, she just told me trash trash and trash. What a waste! I thought she was good, she’s just a time waster.

I was despair. With whom I should ask for help then? I mean again? I knew some of my friends that I thought could help me, but the problem is I am not close with them.

Did I have to hire someone to fix it? It would be expensive though, but well nothing could do. I opened Google and found someone in the largest Indonesia forum called Kaskus that seemed legit. I contacted her and she told me to send my work to her. After a short negotiation, I agreed to pay her IDR 220k. It’s not cheap though. However, for the sake of my future I had to do it. Moreover, it’s completely legal because I didn’t ask to carry out my thesis until the end.

When I received the reparation of my thesis, I felt satisfied because she had fixed so many grammatical error of it although some of them I felt wrong. Yeah, at least many things have been fixed. Tomorrow, I will face my thesis advisor again and I hope he will accept it and let me continue to further chapter.