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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

When my Dorm room becomes so hot

I actually hate telling you about my dormitory because I really want to leave it very soon as I will almost earn my bachelor degree at university. But well, let me tell you one thing at least. It is dry season and I usually be shirtless and even extremely naked (I wear underwear or short only) in my dorm room because of the heat. Never imagine how I look like when I am naked that you won’t be able to picture it.

The heat always makes me more sweating because my windows is broken and I have to close it with my cupboard to prevent thief coming in. Moreover, there is also no second floor over my dorm room but iron sheeting. I do have a fan, but I think it doesn’t blow fast enough even if I set its blowing level on fastest mode. It makes me more more be like a boiling fish.