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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Local Market and A Girl

Written in my home, Oct 13, 2013

This morning, I went to a local market with my mother by motorcycle. The location is far though, it takes me approximately 20 minutes from my house.

There were so many people at the local market, because they wanted to buy things to celebrate Idul Adha 1434H on Oct 15, 2013. Seriously, I couldn’t move my feet to step forward around the people on the way if I didn’t push them a little. I didn’t want to be sidling because if I did, my boner could touch them and I don’t want it considered as a sexual abuse. Moreover, it wouldn’t be funny if I got jailed because doing sexual abusive to elderly women.

When I and my mother have bought things we needed, we leaved the local market on foot moving toward my motorcycle before a bank. On the road, I saw a girl sat in front seats of her car, driven by a young man, maybe her boyfriend or her brother. They are the only persons on the car. That girl was beautiful. She wore blue scarf. The young man? Who cares? She looked at me and smiled to me while I was carrying a bag full of vegetables, fishes, and stuff. Unfortunately, I wore a masker, so she couldn’t see I smiled to her too, but I am pretty sure she did. Why? Because she saw my eyes narrowed.

What a day! I wish I could meet her someday.