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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Craziness of watching football Match

Tonight, my dormitory was really crowded because of my friends’ craziness watching football match between Indonesia and Vietnam on a broken TV. Totally its display is hindered by pink color, but it never changed their spirit to watch the match. They intrusively clapped, screamed and cheered every single time when both team played tensely, especially when Indonesia team almost scored goal in Vietnam team’s goal posts. Nicely, the match raises their nationalism. Well, what I can tell you, they watched it like they were in the real stadium, feeling the atmosphere of the game.

Another craziness? Oh yes, when there was no TV on the porch, they listened to FM radio. It’s really ridiculous, because I felt likely I was in the era of pre television existence (read: stone age). Despite of being students that should be sophisticatedly behave, sometimes emotionally they curse a player who fail to score a goal. They scream like: you player stupid! Cukimae, songkolo, and so forth. It makes me giggled and frown. I mean, guys are you that ****ed?

I do like watching and playing football. However, I am not that fanatic into it. I never want to wake up in the middle of night just to witness which team that win the game. I would rather open Youtube to watch the highlights or simply read football news. I only will take time to watch it on TV by chance or if I have noted that my favorite football team is scheduled to play at certain time.

I don’t object they watch football with a loud voice after all, but I wish they would not utter bad words.