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Monday, June 17, 2013

I am home!

These days are just another days I am at my home with my mother, but it’s more crowded than as usual because my brother is here too from Mangkutana. Now I’ve been here for over a week since I arrived at home on Wednesday (5/6). All I did, I went to cyber café which is located in Watampone (about 17 km from my home), I washed my motorcycle, I played music on my laptop, and I cleaned my house a little.

I believe there must be something I should deal with in Makassar either about my academic matters or something else. But well… I am home again! Because home is the only place I feel safe, comfortable of family chit-chat, fresh air from the mountain, and simplicity of fellow villagers.


Maybe I took my ass away from the shit at my dormitory at Makassar. Some shits just happened there. Fuck, if only the dormitory wasn’t affordable for me, I would definitely move to another dormitory.