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Saturday, April 27, 2013

I almost bought samsung galaxy tab 2.7.0 p3110

That night, I visited Samsung Mobile Plaza to ask about Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.7.0 P3110 which does not feature phone service, except wifi and other basic tablet features. I actually didn't mean to go there as I was heading to my dormitory from supermarket. I thought it's just been awhile I was interested to buy a tablet, so why not I checked it in Samsung Mobile Plaza.

Being there the first question I asked to the employee is about the avaibility of the tablet that I had been phoning many electronic stores, but they didn't have it on sale. Fortunately, the employee said they had, there were only two available. The bad thing is I didn't bring sufficient money in the night, thus I asked him to save one for me. I gave him my mobile number and my address. I told him I'd come again tomorrow. Then, I went home.

In the way, I had been thinking why not I took my money from ATM and bought it tonight. Well then, I rode my motorcycle fast to my dormitory to see my ATM pin number because I forgot it. So done, I went to the ATM and I already pressed amount of money I was about to take. Holy crap! I inserted wrong pin number more than 3 times. As result, my ATM card is blocked and I had to renew it. Oh no!

Thursday 25/4, I went to the bank where I opened an account to take money, and if I had chance I would replace my ATM card. Nevertheless, I couldn't to, because the bank CS was taking a rest. She said I might come again by 2PM. Doesn't matter anyway, at least I got my money.

Then I was thinking for a moment. Did I really need this stuff? Moreover, I had sold 2 shares of PM from my brokerage account to get extra money. I was confused again, seriously. I called my mom, and she just said "up to you." I thought of my long term goal that requires much money, so finally I decided to save up for this. I cancelled to buy the tablet. What I did then, was buying gold bar in ANTAM, although it's not much, but it would be my long term investment though.
I currently sold two shares of PM on my broker OptionsXpress

Today, I was phoned by the employee of the Samsung Mobile Plaza regarding the table I was about to buy. I just apologized because I cancelled it and it's just fine.