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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A piece of story of today

Eventually, I planned to spend the rest of the day being connected to internet in Cafe Teras, Watampone, but I decided to go to Tanjung Pallette with my mother to get some fresh. However, we did not spend more than 30 minutes there although the location is pretty far from our house. It is just little weird to being there seeing the sea without much fun. The problem is neither I and my mother don't know where people is crowded at. So, I decided to return home earlier.

Chain my motorcycle suddenly broken on the way, but fortunately it occurred in the town where I can find bycicle workshop at ease. I can't imagine, if the accident happened on the road where there is no workshop. Its repairment only took 20 minutes, nothing to worry overall.

At 5pm we already were at home, but then I went to the town again to have connected to internet in Cafe Teras. This must be tiring day...