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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I give up on my passion to work in mining

Its been long time I am interested to work in mining either in office and field. I am just fascinated about the salary miner can get. Particularly in Australia, a dump truck can earn more than AU $2000 every month, but this job requires really long shift anyway.

My plan is, say I have earned my degree in English Literature and people can recognize my English skill, this would be plus point to work overseas in mining, and all I need for the rest is a skill in mining. So well then, I was about to join a course for being excavator operator in an legitimated institution in my town. How do you think? Maybe it sounds awkward to you.

I never suppose it would be easy,you know, working in mining involves risky environment. Furthermore, I cannot see clearly distance sight without my distance glasses. I can imagine if I am digging with excavator with my distance glasses, then suddenly it drops! There is indeed minus safety glasses for miner, but I am not sure if there is a mining company that accepts worker with eye minus.