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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Acer Customer Service Tried to Fool Me Again

On Wednesday, I brought my laptop to Acer Service Center in Karebosi Link Mall, because its keyboard did not function at all, all tuts died. I asked their CS how much it would cost, they answered free for repair service, but if the technician finds the keyboard dysfunctionality because of human error, I might pay for it. Okay, doesn't matter anyway that the procedure was so, indeed.

Yesterday, I received SMS from Acer that my unit was ready to take. It did not take me long to go there. As I received my laptop, the CS said that my keyboard had been replaced with new one. But, dafuq! When I checked the guarantee sticker on the bottom of my laptop, it was just the same! So, I concluded that my keyboard had not been replaced! Did they do magic? How come they disassembled my laptop without removing the guarantee sticker on its bolt?

I then asked the CS, how much it cost because she said my keyboard had been replaced. She answered nothing to pay because the laptop I purchased over two months ago is still in guarantee period. Huh, dafuq! I relieved I didn't pay anything but I am still disappointed with their service. Were they trained to lie to costumer to gain credibility?