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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wearing Underwear in the face becomes fashion trend in japan

Over some recent weeks ago, having bump in the forehead and weird canine to have sweet smile have become new fashion trend in Japan particularly for the girls. Well, there is another weird fashion trend which is so happening in the country again. It's called Pantyface, generally underwear used to protect genital, but in Japan, it is used by girls to cover their face. It looks like Panty Hero. Whatever you call it, it's extremely ridiculous.

Pantyface in a book cover

Pantyface singing and drinking

Awww..... wrong place?

Another Pantyface

WTF.. how can you flute?

Pantyface swimming

Pantyface excercising

Pantyface going to school

Pantyface singing
According to Akiba Blog, its Japanese terms called kaopan (kao meaning face, pantsu or panties) is from the same book. Panties covering the face. The book who come up with girls wearing panties in their face is believed after the appearance of underwear-faced superhero Hentai Kamen or pervert mask. The film is parody of Kamen Rider, Ultraman, and Power Rangers.

Hentai Kamen poster

As peculiar these photos are, it all is just another weirdest Japanese normal life or perhaps it was made for entertainment only for someone to be paid to take these photos.