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Monday, February 11, 2013

Freaking Day

My alarm rung exactly at 6.00 AM this morning, 2 hours more prior to campusing I thought. Finally, woke up at 8.24AM and went to take a bath. Got ready to go the campus just nearby from my dormitory. Today, I only had one class which would be lectured by the laziest lecturer in the world who prefer chatting with his friends to lecturing us. If you wonder who is, you must notice him if I say he is the one who always to be late to give score to his students (in case you are my friends at the campus).

As I arrived at my campus and killed time at a canteen for one hour, he did not appear yet. So, I decided to go home that I believed he would not come. However, when I across the parking are for cars before my faculty building I saw he was entering the place with his car. Well, he came up! So, I had to be back to the class again. I stepped back and saw him chatting with a woman. At the class, I and my friends are waiting for him, but nothing happened ever since I saw him. Dafuq, I would just depart for another business I had to do.