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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I’ve been voting for new governor and new regent

Locals of South Sulawesi Province have voted new governor, and at the same time locals of Bone Regency also voted for new regent today at the same TPS (voting place).

Actually, I don’t really like politics, I didn’t want to go for the voting but my mother forced me to do so. Well, for new governor I vote for #1 Ilham-Azis and for new regent of Bone, I voted for #2 Irsan, son of the current regent of Bone Regency.

I chose Ilham-Azis because this candidate has good vision for better South Sulawesi Province. Proposing “SEMANGAT BARU” I believe this candidate will be new hope for this province. As for Irsan, I chose him because he is very young and is son of the current regent. Local newspaper reported that he is involved in a corruption case, but hopefully it’s just rumor.

Let’s see who will be the winner.