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Monday, January 21, 2013

I have to replace my netbook hardisk

That day, I was recovering my netbook hardisk partition but during covering the electricity went off suddenly. My netbook shutted down because I didn't plug in its battery. When I turned it on, error appears after passing the BIOS option says hal.dll is missing. I tried to repair it with many ways including installing Windows 8. It took a long time to install Windows 8 really. When Windows 8 was already on machine, I tried to recover its partition again with EASUS Partition Manager. Error occurred again when I wanted to restart.

I brought it to Acer Sevice Center to get it repaired. Yesterday, I called Acer Customer Service to get information regarding my unit. He said that my hardisk encounterred bad sector and it must be replace which will cost me Rp.935.000 ($87). WTF! That's so fucking expensive. I have to cancel to buy genuine Windows 8 for my new notebook.