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Saturday, January 26, 2013

I always miss my home

This week I was supposed to stay at my home at the village, but I insisted to come back here Makassar because I wanted to proceed my KRS, receive Windows 8 I had ordered, and to obtain information about the research proposal in my department at the campus. I arrived at my dormitory on Wednesday, my mother told me to go on Tuesday though. I decided to go on Wednesday because I was after my KRS done on the same day. However, I couldn't make it because I was unable to meet my academic advisor because she wasn't in her office.

On Wednesday either, I had successfully activated my Windows 8 Pro trial version with Media Center key. It worked like pie, so I cancelled my order, even though I had made deal with the seller and the payment would be through COD (Cash on Delivery), so nothing to worry about my order.

Windows 8 Pro cancellation and failure on proceeding my KRS on Wednesday make me thinking: I was supposed to go to Makassar on Tuesday, so I could stay longer at my home at the village. I really regret it. Having time with family is something precious.

On Friday, finally I got my academic advisor's signature on my KRS, and I wish I can submit it on Sunday. I also got information that on Monday the invitation to join the research proposal will be issued. I really hope my name is listed in the invitation list.

Called mom, told her that I wanted to go home in this short time, but I might be really tired because I just arrived at my dormitory on Wednesday. I am not fully recovered after the long trip by motorcycle from my village.