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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ayonikah.com Review

Ayonikah.com is a new local start-up which focuses on making serious relationship among its users. The site is claimed as Indonesia's largest dating site by its owner which is obviously can be seen on its about-page. I think this is reasonable that the site is over 6 years now according to Who.is

Just like another dating site, Ayonikah.com also implements type of users which are non-active user and active user. Non-active user has very limited service. Unlike the active user, user can use all advanced services  like video chat, chatting, adding users, giving virtual gifts, and others in the site for 3 years by paying only IDR 200,000 (around $15). Besides that, active user is also give option to deactivate their membership status in case they have found a partner or as they wish.