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Friday, December 21, 2012

I was called 'koko'

This awkward moment happened when I went to a business and franchise expo in CCC (Celebes Convetion Center) several weeks ago. I intended to visit the expo not to make business tie with any of the exhibitors, but to broaden my knowledge about such business only. So, the thing I did was just asking them like how they establish their business, how they network their franchise, how about their cash flow, regulation and others.

That I came in the last day at night, there were only several booths that were still open, although some of them had prepared to disassemble their booth. There, I found booths of  food, education, technology, and retail franchiser Indomaret.

When, I wanted to leave the venue I took a look at a booth from Harfam, a company specializing in woods investment (head over their website at http://harfam.co.id to find more information). A charming girl then suddenly gave me a pamphlet and invite me to a desk. She seemed a salesgirl of the company. I sit on the chair and she opened her offer by calling me 'koko' which means older brother in Chinese. I am not Chinese at all but I have to admit that I have slanted eyes, so no wonder many people think I am a Chinese despite of my dark skin. Actually, it is not the first I was called so, when I was playing computer in a mall in this town, a person asked me whether I was a Chinese. In outbound at Lake Unhas, when I introduce myself, a committee asked me whether I was a Chinese too.

This makes me really awkward, I don't like being called like that.