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Thursday, December 27, 2012

How to disable Themida in Windows

There are many wrong assumptions about Themida. People think it is malware or virus because usually AV identifies so. Themida is commercial anti-hacking tool developed by Oreans to prevent hacking on software. Refer this page to understand how it works. If your AV identifies it as malware, probably that is just false positive.

However, malware can also be installed with themida and it makes it very difficult to remove. First time, I know this virus when I want to run DiRT 3 I have purchased, and pop-up window sunddenly appears with message File corrupted! this program has been manipulated, modified, or cracked. It is because the game was already cracked and comes with patch.

To get rid of this error, you can follow this steps below.
1. Reinstall your application, after that don't forget to backup the installation from C:\Program Files\Program Name\ in case your original file is modified.
2. If you have Windows 7, click Start button and type Administrative Tools. Open it.
3. Click Service, and find Windows Defender then right click it, click Properties and change to disable.

After you have followed the steps above, I recommend you to install Malware Bytes to prevent malicous modifies your system.