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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Doomsday at 21/12/12? Seriously?

Get a life! The issue of the doomsday at 21/12/2012 is just hoax and bullshit. Those believe it are just fool and have no brain. Don't waste your time to worry such thing. When I was still a student at elementary school, there was already issue like that, but nothing happened after all.

The issue went viral through mass media and mouth-to-mouth. Many people create bunker and pile up foods. What a paranoid!

I am a Moslem, and of course I do believe that the doomsday will come, because nothing is eternal in the universe but God. Believing doomsday is one of six pillars of faith in Islam. When the doomsday comes, our holy prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H had explained that the sun will rise in the west, dajjal (anti-christ) will come, Koran disappears, animal can talk, and others. However, none of them happened.