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Sunday, December 9, 2012

ATM machine eats my debit card

Hoah... Tonight, I went to CCC to visit the franchise and business expo just to find out whether there is opportunity to work with a franchiser with low fee and easy regulation. I hadn't my dinner at my dormitory before I was there, so I was hungry. Then, I decided to buy fried chicken in KFC in Karebosi Link when I was on my way to my dormitory. I didn't bring sufficient money, so I would use my Bank Muamalat debit card to get some fresh money. When I inserted my debit card in ATM BNI, initially everything went soft until I pressed figures. Weird, the machine screen told me to insert security code again until three times, and what! The screen said "the violation of debit card." Dafuq! No need to wait that I was pretty sure, the ATM machine ate it! I thought, I inserted my security code correctly!

I am panic, very panic! I then called the service center of Bank Muamalat. I asked how to get my money back and told the CS to block my debit card.Dafuq! He said that my debit card is no longer supported and I was suggested to converse my bank account type to another type. To do so, I must provide police lost document and I just made it in Police office at BTP Tamalanrea at 9.30PM, it charged me IDR 10.000. O damn, it's enough to eat twice a day.

Actually, my debit card was issued by Bank Muamalat. The debit card name is Shar`i or Muamalat Post, because I opened account in the post office, the chain of the bank. It hasn't bank book at all. You can imagine how hard it is to check the balance. This bank account type is no longer supported by Bank Muamalat, so if the holder of the card wants to use it in ATM, the card will be eaten by the machine. That's also why when I called the CS of the bank told me to converse it to another account type. Okay, hopefully everything goes well tomorrow, 'cause I will deal with it.