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Friday, November 2, 2012

My Windows is Error, I Switch to Linux Ubuntu

Not sure my Windows runs too many programs or been infected by malicious or virus that it always occurs error. Annoying! I have to reinstall it but I have many data in the C:/ partition, meanwhile in other partitions ain't enough to move them in. Moreover, I needn't to buy external memory/HD that the data ain't really important.

Thus, I switch to Linux Ubuntu for awhile. My laptop is dual-booted between Windows and Linux Ubuntu. So, it's very helpful. Actually, I haven't opened my Linux Ubuntu for a long time that I always fire up Windows. You know, Windows has more productive applications than Linux. However, actually I can install Windows third party applications in Linux by using software called Wine. Almost all applications in Microsoft Office like Word, Excel, and Power Point can be installed in Linux Ubuntu, meanwhile other application ain't compatible.