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Monday, November 12, 2012

Just Cancelled Transferring Money to US

O well, today was supposed to the second time I transferred money to US to buying stocks. But I had to cancel  it because BNI increased the transfer fee $20 exclude the administration fee IDR 20.000. The fee of the first time I transferred to US was only IDR50.000 perhaps. Its getting worse as the CS of the bank showed me the rate. It made me eager to cancel it. So, seems I have to postpone it until I can afford it.

When I said I wanted to cancel my transaction, the CS asked why I wanted to send money overseas. I answered to buy stock. Ridiculously, he asked my phone number and where I opened account to trade stocks. Then, I wrote the answer in the piece of paper for him. He also asked me how to "main saham" I just answered just the graph of a stock, if the graph is up in long TF so open position to buy it. Its that simple.