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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I Like My Mandarin Lecturer

The first time I saw her when I was jogging around Unhas. I passed her by when she went to her home on foot. I thought she was a exchange student from Japan that she looked so young. Love in the first sight - just ridiculous proverb but it truly happened to me. I like her. I continued my jogging and I could not see her again. When I arrived at dormitory I rode my motorcycle to find her to. That time was around 5pm. Unfortunately, I lost her. Ever since that time, I really could not forget her.

In Facebook, I told my Japanese friend that there was a Japanese girl in my campus, I was eager to know her. Someday I would meet her and ask directly her name, I said. He supported me and encouraged me to do so.

What a coincidence, I saw her again that she actually was my mandarin lecturer. In that day, the first class of mandarin, I felt I was the 'luckiest' person on earth. My eyes couldn't look at her away. Such a beauty, so cute, truly sophisticated girl. The first lesson she taught us was the pronounciation of Chinese language and character, and pinyi. She didn't introduce herself in the first time until one of us asked her name. Her name is Li, we call her Li laoshi (teacher Li). I don't know her fulname that she didn't tell us, but when she told us her Facebook was Rebecca ****** (censored :D) so I guess that was her fulname. Okay, directly I opened my Facebook, and gotcha! I clicked all of her photo folders. LOOL.

Time by time, she always become topic of chit chat among my friends. Some made record her teaching and packed it into a video. Want to see? Here is the video below.

I only like her as how she is. I never be willing to say my feeling that it is just useless.