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Thursday, November 29, 2012

How to Work in Australian Mining Industry

Skilled or unskilled, you still have big opportunity to work in Australia's mining industry. 

Illustration | Source: offthebeatentrackisrael.net

Those you want to work in Australian mining industry, the opportunity is widely open as the industry booming at this decade. Indeed, the salary is very high, you can even earn up to $100k/year, depends on your position. Therefore, so many people are interested to work in the industry. They come from the emerging countries like Indonesia, China, Philippines, and Thailand. Usually, they fill the lower position like dump truck driver and excavator operator, because many of them are not really skilled in advanced field. Unlike the workers who come from the first world, they are professionals with stronger academic and experience background. So, what if you are perfectly unskilled? Don't worry, some companies provide job training for unskilled ones, but some of them require you to pay in advance, because they usually hire education organization. Nevertheless, you can also pay it with your salary in the company you would work. It all depends on the company.

To begin working in Australia mining industry, I strongly suggest you to acknowledge the social condition, living fee, legal, and other aspects first. If you don't know such condition, you would probably face problem, for example shock culture, different weather, and geography.

 Okay, say you already acknowledge them. Now, lets find mining vacancies in Australia. The best way to find is through internet. You can search them in Google, or specifically on Seek.com.au and Miningcareers.com. These websites provide many information you need including news, overview, and of course the vacancies. If you have found the job you want, then apply for it by providing necessary documents like CV, your latest photograph, and other supporting document.

Prior to submit it, make sure everything is right and "selling" and finally just wait the confirmation whether you are accepted or not. Last but not least, working in mining industry is very hard and risky. Having degree and working experience in mining is advised before applying to ease you get the job. Good Luck!