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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Got new friend in Bank BNI

Several days ago, I have posted that I cancelled to transfer money to USA due to some reasons in Bank BNI at Jl.Ahmad Yani, but today I just made it. Bankers always treat their customer as usual that their kind of business is service of course. They must make their customer comfortable as well as they can. However, when I went to the Bank BNI today again, I got more than that: I befriended with its customer service named Akzan.

Meanwhile, I wrote down all mandatory data in the form of transfer, he asked many things. I know it is just common way of bankers be friendly to their customers. So, I just answer simply what he asked but it lead the corny conversation into serious conversation. I still can remember our conversation that it just happened hours ago before I wrote this post.

Akzan: "Masih kuliah? Dari kampus mana de'?"
Me: "Unhas, jurusan sastra inggris."
Akzan: "You know, you can make money easily with your English skill." Actually, I felt little surprised that suddenly he spoke English. I just smiled.
Me: "Really?"
Akzan: "Yeah, I got used to teach many people in many companies. Usually company needs their employees taught English like English for Business."
Akzan: "O, orang Bone, you are Buginese" he saw my KTP.
Me: "Yes, I am."
Akzan: "I thought you were from Manado or somewhere" Manado? Did he say so just because of my tight eyes or my half white?
Me: "So, how about working in the Bank BNI?"
Akzan: "That's even easier. Moreover, there is option if you want to be permanent employee."
Me: "I think that reasonable that I heard many of english department graduates work in bank."
Akzan: "If you want to know more, write down my phone number." I then took my notebook to do so."We can meet on Saturday or Sunday in cafe or somewhere to talk about it."
Me: Then, you are my friends now.
Akzen: You too.

I also questioned the expensive fee $20 for overseas money transfer. When I told him that I had transferred before with such low fee IDR 20k by showing its proof, he said I could only pay the IDR 20.000 the administration fee. He continued that the fee $20 was debited to the sender if the correspondent doesn't want to pay it. I was saved.

Once I wrote his phone number and the form too, he told me to follow him to the Loket where usually people stand to do transaction. He offered me candy on the desk, I took one. He then introduced me to the teller in the Loket. It was so awkward. After that, the teller pleased me to wait in the couch. Meanwhile, I was waiting my name called, Akzan came again to me. He stood and so did I, just to respect him that he didn't want to sit.

Akzan: "Saya mau ajari kamu bisnis."
Me: "Apa pak?"
Akzan: "Pertama, kau bisa dapat uang dengan cara mengajak orang ke bank ini. Nah, caranya ajak orang banyak tapi minimal yang punya kerjaan yah. Bilang di bank bisa ngasi pinjaman uang tanpa jaminan."
Me: Hah? Emang bisa pak?
Akzan: "Ya ada caranya." I only nodded that I didn't know how it worked actually. He is bankir he must know it of course I think. Therefore, I just believed it. "Di sana ada lantai 2 ada kafe (pointing the place), kamu bisa bicara-bicara sama mereka sambil ceritain (nawarin) pinjaman dari bank tanpa pinjaman itu. Nanti saya kasi tau caranya kalau kita ketemu di kafe nanti." Well, I wanted to intrupt his speech: how come? I am not banker, I have no idea about credit. But, I didn't do it that I was not really interested. He continued, "Kedua, kamu cari orang-orang yang mau apply kartu kredit." Damn, I don't want to be debt collector. "Ilmu ini mahal sekali loh harganya, 2 juta!"
Me: What?!
Akzan: "Kartu kredit itu disebut magic card karena dengan kartu kredit kamu bisa minjam tanpa bunga."
Me: "Ya, melalui penawaran merchant khusus."
Akzan: "O tidak."
Me: (tambah bingung).
Akzan: "I will tell you later. Write your phone number here (he gave me a piece of paper). Your name too, nanti gak tau Arwin yang mana. Unhas juga, English juga." I wrote them all. Finally, he went off from my sight.

Finally, my name was called, and the teller gave me the proof of the transfer. I said thanks and nothing to ask anymore. I went to my dormitory. In the way, I thought how come a banker easily gave me his number and asked my number. He also wanted to reveal some business tips for free? Is he traitor or just want to make friendship with me or something else? MLM sales? I don't know.