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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Review of Bpk Cipto Junaedy Free Seminar

Tonight I just arrived at my dormitory after attending the free seminar of Cipto Junaedy about property in Hotel Aryaduta at Losari Beach. I have less review regarding the seminar. Well, it is like another free business seminar which comes up with follow up and is not free of course. I was about to join the follow up, but I could not afford it. However, I am satisfied that the seminar has opened my mind about property business perspective particularly in my country. I got a lot of knowledge from him.

Frankly, he has brilliant strategies on how to buy property without debt and without KPR. Sounds crazy isn't it? I thought so, but when he explained one of his strategies I was amazed. He is really smart. That is absolutely possible, but honestly and personally I think that is hard to practice. Sorry, I cannot reveal his strategy here because it was copyrighted. I just thought that he would taught us how to be broker. Yeah, that is all.

If you are interested to join his seminar, I strongly suggest you to find review of his seminar in internet too, not only by witnessing his students' testimonial in the big screen.