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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Just a little story today

I am still sick until today, but it is nothing when I have to do something necessary. Been long time, I did not replace my motor cycle oil, yet its other problems that might be fixed: the chain, the system of brake, and the liquid cool. Thus, I went to service center of Yamaha at Jl.Pettarani to get my motor cycle fixed. CS of Yamaha said my motor cycle had passed the free service period, but fortunately I got my last chance that he thought that it was the end of its free service period. I only paid for the oil replacement which costed me Rp.34k. No problem.

Clock had pointed at 11.20 and I rode my motor cycle to the campus to signing scholarship document because I was one of PPA scholarship receviers. I entered the Student Prosperious Body office in the base of library center building, I saw many students queued already. Suddenly, I saw a middle age woman came out from a room. She said that those PPA sholarship receivers may come in to sign the document. A paper was sticked in its door clearly written: students must bring copy of KTM and bank account. I came in then, the woman asked the copies, but I said I did not bring it. So, I told her I would bring it later. I signed it, then I walked out to heading to my dormitory just to take the copies.

Only needed 10 minutes to take the copies. I came back to the office then. There, I saw a girl I really admire. She was the only girl whom I said that I love ever since I was a new student at the collge and also the first girl who refused me at the campus. Ridiculous, isn't it? I don't give a single damn! She was the PPA receiver too. She noticed me but I just pretended I did not see her. She was in the edge of the door. Suddenly, she walked back and stood next to me. I still just kept away my attention from her. I heard she spoke with a girl behind me. I felt awkward.

Finally, it was my turn to come in to giving my copies to the woman. I put them in a box then I walked out in hurry. Yokatta ne, everything had been done today: repairing motor cycle and dealing with my scholarship.