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Monday, September 17, 2012

Still about her

Found this in my computer - just another unpublished diary.
1st September 2010
Today was the day after Ied prayer yesterday and we Muslim visit each other to hand-shake or just 'visiting'. It's commonly known silaturrahmi.
In the afternoon, my friends persuaded me to visit other friends. We went to even at far village from my house. I am pretty tired.

Tonight I just visited my ex girlfriend I love the most. She wore hijab (scarf) that makes her so beautiful. We sat in the one line sofa, I told her to give me one me chance to be her boyfriend again. Unfortunately, she said NO because of long distance between us, eventually I ever made relationship with her before. She works in Kalimantan and I am in South Sulawesi to study.
I can not describe how pain I feel now because of her. I can not sleep thinking of this. The clock already point to 01.08 AM and I can not sleep still.