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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Working as seaman

At my village, working as seaman means you are ''the rich man" because people who work on cruiser, yacht, or such luxury ships get really much salary around $1000 - $8000 a month - depends on your position. And of course, I am also interested to work as seaman.

It's undeniable that being a seaman is hard. Sometimes agency requires job applicants had hospitality experience at least 1 year and/or graduate of tourism school. You can enroll for D1 Manajemen Perhotelan in AKPAR (Akademi Pariwisata) or try to search available job vacancies in hotel. However, some agencies like SBI provides a short course about hospitality before working on the ship but if had experience or tourism background that would be better. 

Another thing to think of is English skill. A fluent English! In interview room when HRD asks you "can you speak English?' just answer 'YES, I CAN!' and never answer "Yes, a little" or "Hmm... Yes, I can but..."just wait 5 seconds the HRD will expell you.