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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Say Your Love With Blogspot

Saying love to girl is maybe something so common for boys. That's so mainstream, so why don't you say with creative thing? For example, this blog http://iluvnisa.blogspot.com created by Abang Suhada saying his love to beautiful girl named Nisa Khairunnsia.

If you want to follow like this way. All you need just creating account on Blogger.com, then choose your desired url. You can also choose many available templates on it, but if you want to create your say-love-with-blog like the blog mentioned, fortunately Abang Suhada has shared his template. Download here password: adsense-id.com.

You want big chance to be accepted by your crush, right? Pay attention these do and don'ts, and make sure what you will show to her very impressive.

  • Create your blog with poetic language. Say how much you love her and don't forget to admire her. 
  • Your blog should be easy to load, no unnecessary widget and no messy stuff - must be well-organized.
  • Put the yes-no answer at bottom area, or at the sidebar (depending on your template), but I strongly suggest you put it at bottom area because she should read the content first then answer the yes-no (acceptance).
  • Tell her to open your say-with-blog at perfect time. 
Good luck!