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Monday, June 4, 2012

One Day At My Village

Not very long time ago I posted that I wanted to go to my home village in Bone to see my mother and I just made it yesterday. Had good time there and here's the story.
I leaved for Makassar on Saturday morning at 10pm. Actually, I should have been headed on Friday afternoon, but because I had class and some activities, I cancelled it.
I was trapped under rain in the way, but not pouring hard, so no need to wear weatherwear. As always, the trip made me very tired, but I had never stop my motorcycle unless at this border in Bone to smoke for a moment and enjoy mountain scenery.

Border monument in Bone

If you have never traveled over Bone from Makassar before, the road in the mountain foot in Maros and Bone is really extreme. I strongly suggest you not to ride your vehicle fast! You must be very careful! I used to almost fall off from the road to the ravine.

I also took some times to watch motor racing in Terminal Bone.
Motor racing in Terminal Bone

Arriving at my home
I arrived at my house at 2pm but my mother was not home yet. One thing I did first, opening refrigator to find some foods and found only fished and shrimps. I fried the shrimp and ate it without rice. Actually, I prefer to eat raw shrimps rather than cooked shrimps, because I like the taste. I usually eat it with spicy tamarind sauce. Is my taste weird? For many people, maybe. You know I love eating raw shrimps because when I was child, I used to eat it with my grandmother. My grandmother had passed away. Besides loving the taste, it conceive high protein because it is not cooked. Protein in food will lost if cooked.
As for dinner, I only bought two packs of my favorite instant noodles. I ate it with fried shrimps. My mother was home at 10pm from Palopo. She told me a little of what she had dealed with in Palopo.
Sunday morning, we went to Tokaseng traditional market to buy foods. The market was not really crowded because had been moved from its initial place. Located only about 1 km from my home, it takes only 10 minutes to be there.
Inside the market

My mother didn't buy fish but some vegetables I wanted, a cargo trouser, medicines, and some snacks. In the home, I made fried noodle. Mixed with various vegetables, like onion leafs, spinach, tomatoes, and shrimps of course. Prior to add many chili, I told my mom to eat half  because she didn't like many chilies. You know when I cook, I always giggle when my mother says my cook doesn't taste spicy but bitter because of a ton of chili! Adding many chilies into food is indeed my favorite, I don't think I eat food if I haven't added many chilies into it.
I planned to leave my home at 1pm, but because of many things I had to prepare, I leaved for my home at 3pm. Before I went to Makassar, she told me many thing of problem she had to face. I can't explain it here. 
My mother told me to save my money, finish my study as soon as possible. 
In the way, my tears drop, I remembered what my mother said about everything in the home. Mom, I promise I will make you happy!