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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My KKN location is Penrang, Wajo Regency

Peta Kecamatan Penrang
Today is H-3 towards KKN (special internship for university student to improve human and environment quality at remote area, see Wikipedia), and UPT KKN just announced the locations where students to be placed in, check their website in case you don't know your location yet. My location is Penrang, Wajo Regency. I don't know how to react regarding this meanwhile I am anticipating many things.

To begin with, we will be in our locations about two months, June until July. That's quite long time anyway, moreover, according to Islamic calendar, July is holy month Ramadhan. We Muslim must fast no matter what the condition. During the month, students at elementary school, junior high school, and high school to having time off. Perhaps, it's impossible to deliver English lesson to them as my program, and help their teachers to teach them. There will be only Pesantren Kilat (Islamic short course), so maybe we will just deliver some basic knowledge about Islam, like aqidah, akhlak, sholat's how-to, and others.

Second, my location is really far. My mother told me that the location is about 2 hours from my house in Bone. Let's estimate, it takes me 5 hours to reach my house from Makassar, so 5+2=7 hours! So approximately, it will take 7 hours to be there, if the road through my house. Thanks to Wikipedia, found more information on the site.

I ever passed over the location when I went to Luwu, but I don't remember it where exactly. My mothers describes the location is like just another village, there are few houses, there is PUSKESMAS (Social Health Center), there is no sea and river, but earthen dam.

Third, how are my teammates alike? Are they well-cooperated, kind, or even mean? Will my team be dominated by girls? I have no idea. Hopefully, they are easy to socialize with.

The last one, I heard we will aboard trucks of TNI (Indonesian army), instead of busses of the university, because there are only few of them. Can you imagine that? I had experienced using TNI's truck towards Malino in English Camp. There was no seat on the bus, so we had to sit on the base. Hopefully, trucks we will aboard have seats.

Finally, according what I have explained above, I have to admit that I honestly have to prepare everything as well as I need. Living in people's village is such big deal. Hopefully, there will no stuff jeopardize my activities in there.