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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

KKN takes over my mind

Well, on Saturday, I have to attend the debriefing class at IPTEKS building before I start going to the KKN location.The class is very important because we'll know what we are going to do in the location. So far, I and my friends still don't know what our location is.
This is Regular KKN, means every students will help society at village which do not base on their major. Maybe law student will teach English for children instead of socializing basic law for society, dental students will socialize the important of cleaning environment instead of socializing treatment of teeth, etc.
Being at remotest village is what I am afraid of even though I was from village actually. However, my village is not remote village at all, there are electric, crowded road and people, road light, educated people, and nearly from capital of regency. Never imagine such facilities can be found at remotest village, or if there are, maybe just several of them.
Speaking of KKN, students usually are placed at remotest village indeed, because the program aims to increase the quality of the village, like education facility, health, environment, etc. So, what should I prepare to face it? I am still arranging the list ヽ(●-`Д´-)ノ