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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I won't forget my dreams

When I was a high schooler, actually I had drew my life map already. However, some plans were dragged into wrong directions, for example, I wanted to study business management but I was accepted at English Department. Besides that, I planned to raise my TOEFL score, but I don't know, I am too lazy to improve my English skill.
Being an investor and company owner are my biggest dream. Fortunately, I already began investing with very little capital though. So what's about having company? Maybe you think it's difficult or maybe impossible for me to make it come-true. Yeah, I have to admit that. You know, this was actually my biggest dream when I was a high schooler. In order to enrich my knowledge regarding that, at school, I went to library to find book about  economy, and even I had to borrow my friend's book whose class was IPS (social science).
What I can do now is just keep studying without an end! This is biggest target of my life time. Hopefully, after I earn my sarjana degree I can start with little things. So, what is your dream?