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Monday, June 11, 2012

Had Coffee in Starbucks

On Sunday night, that was the first I had coffee at Starbucks in Ratu Indah Mall. Honestly, it was the expensive coffee I’d ever drunk. For Americans, perhaps, it is not expensive coffee at all, because the price adjusted based on their financial condition. Fortunately, I could afford it.

I went there with my classmates, we were three. We ordered the same coffee for Rp.23k (medium) around $2, namely Coffee Americano. The coffee was the cheapest one among others. We sat in the chairs outside, because I thought the lighting inside the shop was too “dim” – I don’t know, if only I am not habitually go to the café.

Coffee we ordered was extremely hot, yet the taste very strong! So, we added much sugar into it. My friend said, we would not sleep tonight.