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Friday, June 1, 2012

Dear Samsung, please improve your Bada OS

I've been using Samsung Wave 525 more than a year, but there is no significant improvement for its Bada OS yet. The phone was repaired 4 times, fortunately, it was in guaranteed period so no need to pay, but it's not anymore. The jack port is broken and I am too lazy to bring it in the Samsung Service Center.
Bada is mobile operating system invented by Samsung, and it's supposed to be focused project for Samsung, not Android! It's like you love your step daughter more than your daughter in law. For more information about Bada please visit its official site.
Well, actually, I was so stupid to buy the phone. The phone is so poor of applications, yet its Kies - very annoying, it loads very long in my laptop. In fact, the Samsung App has been removed from Kies! What the hell is wrong with you Samsung?! I cannot install any application I want from my laptop but via the phone itself!