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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Revealing Ourselves to Tighten Friendship

Social Penetration theory (Altman & Taylor, 1973) suggests that friendship develop as people gradually reveal more about themselves to each other. The closer we come to someone - to other - the more intimate we are, the more information we are willing to reveal about ourselves and the more we expect the other person to us. (David L. Watson,1984:128).

This is interesting, because this theory is true. Someone who gradually tells his secret to his friends is tend to be close friend that this thing only to do in very private condition. As a result, it will create tightest friendship relation as they trust each other. In another hand, someone who spend much time with other they also will be good friend that there will long communication and interaction. However, there are some condition you should note to apply this theory.

First, don't reveal your secret with someone whom you know in very short time. Say new friend or new partner because you don't know their character.

Second, don't reveal your vital secret like family's problem, finance problem, and love problem. Someone will think you are just a loser or a man with heavy stone on his shoulder.

Last, don't reveal your secret with so many details. Instead of seeking solution, perhaps, you are just seen as a man with complicated problem.

Last but not least, before you reveal yourself whether for seeking solution, pouring heart, or kidding, you should know someone's personality as well. They might be boomerang for you if you do it at wrong persons.