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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Literature Thesis Kills Me

I had found title for my thesis. O Lord, how happy I was. I then concepted it: creating outlines, brainstorming ideas, preparing arguments to support my statement, arranging research methods, and finding references in library.

I plant to research social condition of slavery in America using social criticism theory. And my research object was a slave narrative written by Harriet Jacobs, Incidents in The Life of A Slave Girl. I was interested to research it because social research tends to be easy to do.

In library, suddenly I saw lonely thesis on table, published in 2011 and it took my attention a little. What! The thesis concept was similar to my thesis plan, even its title too! What should I do? Changing my concept? Yes, I have to. Changing my research object (novel)? Hmmm.... Perhaps, no! I had already read the novel and I knew some information in the novel. That's why I should not change it because reading novel takes long time.